Day 5: First weekend in the office – May 12

Josh Le - Sun May 12, 2013

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Left: I went to the office very briefly on Sunday to water the VPOF office plant. I realized in a panic on Saturday night that I haven't watered it since my term started, so I came in (I was in the area!) for my first weekend to save the plant. Apparently, this plant's been around since the Zach Fentiman and Andy Cheema days. I have no clue what the plant species is, but I'll keep it alive for the next VPOF.

Top-right: The UASU started a Staff Wellness Program to encourage all the staff to maintain their health and wellness. We played a fun match of volleyball where my team ended up victorious! Friends are welcome, so come out to Ultimate Frisbee at 5:15PM on May 22nd.

Bottom-left: A few of us went out for refreshments at Booster Juice to chill and catch up. Among the chatter, I got them to join me on Fitocracy to keep us all accountable with our workouts. It'll be great to compete and support each other. Fitocracy name is "joshyle" if anyone wants to join along.

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