Day 12: Happy birthday, Dustin! – May 22

Josh Le - Wed May 22, 2013

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Top-left: William got Dustin U of A balloons from the Bookstore as a birthday gift. What a thoughtful guy, eh? Dustin was pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately, we all had long days in the office, so the celebration will be another day.

Top-right: I joined the SU book club today and our book this summer is Malcolm Gladwell's Blink. I've read a few chapters before, but I didn't get to finish the book. One motivation for joining the book club is prioritizing learning and personal growth while on the job. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day activities, but it's important for me to take time to develop myself into a better person every day.

Bottom-left: I visited the Centre for Student Development to the warm reception of Tim and some of the Orientation crew: Corbett, Scott, Sherwin, and Josh. They artfully crafted some sick volleyball shirts for high mobility. Go Sand Badgers!

Bottom-right: This is a continuation of the SU Staff Wellness Program where we played Ultimate Frisbee and Soccer. Other than being eaten alive by mosquitoes, I had a blast playing organized sports with a great group of people. It's great to start getting active again. I'm feeling healthier and stronger each time I hit the gym and/or play sports. It's nice to have a lot of people to keep us accountable for our health and wellness. That, and the Fitocracy community! :D

Other notables:

I signed my biggest cheque so far this term. It's a sobering reminder how much responsibility I have on the job, so it motivates me to continue to do my best for the students, the SU, and myself.

I got an overview of the Financial Aid Office with some of their services (Access Fund and Awards) from a great manager. We had a fruitful discussion about opportunities to lighten the financial burden of post-secondary education for students. I'm looking forward to working with the FAO team this year through the Grant Allocation Committee.

The SUB Renovation Committee meets every Wednesday and progress is going well. We're hoping to finalize some details soon to get Phase One of the project underway.

Hi-Chews are a hit in the office. I might need to get some more soon. 'Til next time!

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