2017 SU Elections

The SU Elections Office is the independent, impartial office responsible for conducting SU elections, plebiscites, and referenda.

The Elections Office reports directly to Students' Council.

Vacancies on Student Council

By-Elections have come to a close and Students' Council still has three vacancies left for the 2017 term. If you a student in the Faculty of ALES, the Faculty of Education or the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation and you are interested in applying for Students' Council, click here for the nomination package! The deadline to complete this petition is February 1, 2018.

2017 Students' Council and General Faculties Council By-Election Results

Students' Council:

Augustana: Lane Anderson

Engineering: Daniel Bilyk

General Faculties Council:

Business: Brandon Yip, Aleks Nakevski

Education: Amy Li, Alizeh Ansari, Gohar Jamal

Engineering: Daniel Atchison, Daniel Bilyk

Science: Marina Kirillovich, Gaganpreet Jhaj

2017 Students' Council and General Faculties Council Election Results

Students' Council:

ALES: Haley Lefferson, Jo Ann Chew

Arts: Navneet Gidda, Srosh Hassan, Alannah Piasecki, Mitch Wilson, Tina Liu, Monica Lillo

Business: Will Swain, Connor Palindat

Education: Emily Howell, Kara Farris, James Thibaudeau

Engineering: Mahmoud Kenawi, Nick Sorensen, Daanish Hamid

Law: Sandy Brophy

Medicine and Dentistry: Brandon Christensen

Native Studies: Nathan Sunday

Nursing: Abigail Bridarolli

Open Studies: Levi Flaman

Pharmacy: Alex Kwan

Faculte Saint-Jean: Delane Howie

Science: Genna DiPinto, Habba Mahal, Hyejun Kim, Nicole Jones, Rachel Wang, Darren Choi

General Faculties Council

ALES: Steven Lin, Ziyu Yang

Arts: Kyle Monda, Meijun Chen, LJ Valencia, Jonah Dunch, Monica Lillo, Sean Oliver, Robert Bilak

Business: Connor Palindat

Education: James Thibaudeau

Engineering (6 seats): Katelynn Nguyen, Mahmoud Kenawi, Eddie Wang, Daanish Hamid

Medicine and Dentistry: Brandon Christensen

Nursing: Abigail Bridarolli

Pharmacy: Alex Kwan

Faculte Saint-Jean: Delane Howie

Science: Genna DiPinto, Habba Mahal, Smit Patel, Darren Choi, Anthony Nguyen

2017 Executive and Board of Governors Representative Election Results

President: Marina Banister

Vice President External: Reed Larsen

Vice President Operations and Finance: Robyn Paches

Vice President Student Life: Ilya Ushakov

Vice President Academic: Shane Scott

Board of Governors Representative: Mike Sandare

UPass Referendum: Passed

Campus Food Bank Referendum: Passed

APIRG Plebiscite: Passed

WUSC Plebiscite: Passed

The dates for the 2017 By-Elections are below.

September 26, 2017: Students Council/General Faculties Election Nomination Deadline

September 27, 2017: Students Council/General Faculties Council Election Campaign Begins

October 4 & 5, 2017: Students Council/General Faculties Council Election Voting Days


There are typically three elections throughout the year:

1. Fall By-Election

  • Election to fill vacancies on Students' Council and the General Faculties Council.
  • Voting days for 2017 will be Wednesday, October 4 and Thursday, October 5.

2. Students' Union Executive Committee/Undergraduate Board of Governors Representative Election

  • Election to fill the President, Vice Presidents, and Board of Governors representative positions.
  • Plebiscite and/or Referenda questions, if any, occur during this election.
  • Occurs during the first week of March each year.
  • Stay tuned for updates in January 2018.

3. Students' Council (SC)/General Faculties Council (GFC) Elections

  • Election of councillors from the various faculties to either Students' Council or the General Faculties Council.
  • Faculty Association (FA) elections are encouraged to participate.
  • Occurs during third week in March each year.
  • Stay tuned for specific dates and updates in January 2018.

Bodies Elected by Students' Union Members

1. SU Executive Committee

  • President: Acts as the primary spokesperson for the Students’ Union.
  • VP Academic: Advocates for students' interests within the University community and beyond.
  • VP External: Responsible for Students' Union government and community relations.
  • VP Operations and Finance: Responsible for managing the SU's $10 million budget.
  • VP Student Life: Responsible for university-related non-academic issues.

2. Undergraduate Board of Governors Representative

Acts as a voice for the undergraduate student body on the University of Alberta Board of Governors, the ultimate decision making authority of the university. This student works in coordination with the SU President (another BoG member) and also sits as a voting member of the SU Students' Council.

3. SU Students' Council

The highest governing body of the Students' Union. This council has ultimate decision-making authority over all aspects of the organization.

4. General Faculties Council

The academic legislative body of the University of Alberta. This council deals with all academic matters and student affairs issues (as set out in the Alberta Post-Secondary Learning Act). It is the highest level at which academic decisions are made, and is chaired by the President of the University of Alberta.

Plebiscites and Referenda

Plebiscites and referenda can either be initiated by SU Students' Council or by individual SU members. For more information, please visit Plebiscites and Referenda.

APIRG Elections

After casting your ballot in the SU General Election, you will have the option to vote in the APIRG Board Elections. APIRG is a student-run, student-funded, non-profit organization dedicated to research, education, advocacy, and action in the public interest.

Interested in running for a position on the APIRG Board? Find more information on the APIRG elections here.

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