Day 17: Granting Committee and walking the talk – May 27

Josh Le - Mon May 27, 2013

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Top: One committee where I get to work alongside one of my fellow execs, William, is the Student Group Granting Committee. The aim of the Student Group Granting Committee is to support student group granting activity on campus. Its goal is to provide funding for student groups that strive to benefit the wider campus community and contribute to student engagement. This initial meeting is setting the foundational values we want for this committee to carry moving forward. It's exciting to enable and support groups all around campus to fulfill their mandates, so I look forward to reviewing the applicants this year.

Bottom: The SU Staff Wellness Program continues on with the Walk with Val (our Personnel Manager) walk around campus, visiting the campus Water Features. We picked up a few people along the way to join our walk. It was nice to chat with staff around the SU and get to know them in a more personal way.

Vp Operations And Finance