Day 11: Settling in and becoming more productive. – May 21

Josh Le - Tue May 21, 2013

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Top left: I've decided to track the stats on how many times I sign documents over the term. I want to make a cool infographic showing how many hours I spend signing stuff. Below the written tracking card is the pen Andy Cheema gave me as a VPOF gift, and I've designated it as my official signing pen. It also features a laser pointer and mini flash light!

Top-right: I've stepped up my office candy game since William and Dustin both got some fudge and chocolates for their office. Hi-Chew is like the Japanese Starburst, but kicked up a notch. If you haven't tried them yet, swing by my office for a chat or go hunt down some for yourself.

Bottom-left: I ran into some great Safewalk volunteers on my way home and they offered to escort me from campus to my car at the LRT. Safewalk provides a safe alternative to walking alone at night around the campus community and beyond. Thanks for the walk and chat, Vincent, Jacqueline, and Susan!

Bottom-right: There is a Students' Council meeting every two weeks. Students' Council is the highest governing body of the SU. The Execs and I sit on Council and they keep us accountable for our actions. Among other duties as an Exec on Council, we provide Council with an update and summary of the two-week period. This can be an alternative to these daily posts, so check out the main agenda under "Josh Le, VP Operations and Finance - Report."

Other notables: I had my first big meeting with two senior VPs and an AVP about the UPass. It'll be interesting to work with U of A admin over the year.

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