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Marina Banister President

Marina Banister is the 2017-2018 President of the University of Alberta Students’ Union. She is a born and raised Edmontonian, currently completing her degree in political science at the University of Alberta. Marina has a deep passion for student engagement and has dedicated herself to active involvement in student governance throughout her degree. Before being elected President of the University of Alberta Students’ Union, Marina served as the 2015-2016 Vice-President Academic where she advocated for the academic interests on behalf of undergraduate students. Marina has participated in every level of student governance at the U of A including her Department Association, Faculty Association, Student Council, General Faculties Council, Senate, and affiliated committees. She also gives her time to the community, including serving as 2015–2016 Chair of the City of Edmonton Youth Council. When Marina is not working, she enjoys riding her bike year-round, listening to talk radio, and staying up-to-date on municipal politics.

Duties of the President

The Students' Union President is the primary spokesperson o the Students' Union. This position oversees all the other executives, as well as the organization's strategy, operations, employees, advocacy and more! This wide-ranging position is responsible for an enormous range of tasks, including heading major initiatives, working with the Board of Governors and the General Faculties Council and advocating on behalf of students to the University administration and all levels of government.

Reports to Students' Council

Filename Date
President's Report May 17, 2016
President Report (2016-03) June 14, 2016
President Report (2016-04) June 28, 2016
President Report (2016-05) July 12, 2016
President Report (2016-06) July 26, 2016
President Report (2016-07) Aug. 9, 2016
President Report (2016-08) Aug. 23, 2016
President Report (2016-09) Sept. 6, 2016
President Report (2016-10) Sept. 20, 2016
President's Report (2016-11) Oct. 4, 2016
President's Report (2016-12) Oct. 18, 2016
President's Report (2016-13) Nov. 1, 2016
President's Report (2016-14) Nov. 15, 2016
President's Report (2016-15) Nov. 22, 2016
President's Report (2016-16) Dec. 6, 2016
President's Report (2016-17) Jan. 10, 2017
President's Report (2016-18) Jan. 24, 2017
President's Report (2016-19) Feb. 7, 2017
President's Report (2016-20) Feb. 14, 2017
President's Report (2016-21) Feb. 28, 2017
President's Report (2016-22) March 14, 2017
President's Report (2016-23) March 28, 2017
President's Report (2016-24) April 11, 2017
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