Day 34: CUPE Negotiations Complete and Understanding the SUB Renovation Utilities - June 18, 2013

Josh Le - Fri Oct 04, 2013

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Top: The negotiations are complete! My rough estimations say we spent ~10-12 hours in the negotiation room, not including the time spent preparing and caucusing between meetings. Both parties compromised on their initial proposal, but I feel like the end result is very reasonable for both sides. In the end, we even agreed to take a photo marking the completion of negotiations!

Bottom: One challenging area of the SUB Renovation is coordinating the construction details for the utilities underneath 89 Avenue (between SUB and the future PAW Centre). We met with the U of A, Utilities team to understand the issues with relocating various lines. You can see the different colors representing different utilities, roads, and such. It's in these meetings when I especially appreciate the technical expertise of different disciplines. I can wrap my head around the big picture issues here, but there's no way (without investing too much time) to do the fine detail work. It was a fruitful meeting. I also discovered a bunch of buildings between Lister and the Edmonton Clinic/ECHA that I never knew existed (Heating Plant, Cooling Plant, Materials Management) - they're interesting buildings and they're worth exploring!

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