Day 43 - Gifts from SUBphoto, the money tree rises, and helping in research - June 28, 2013

Josh Le - Fri Oct 04, 2013

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Left: One of our long time tenants, SUBphoto, regularly bring up flowers to 2-900. They use fresh flowers as one of their grad photo props and bring the flowers up once they've filled their purpose. At first, I thought someone in the office had a very generous admirer, but it's just a nice gift from Michael and Becky. U of A Grad Photos - SUB Photo

Top-right: I brought old chopsticks from home to help lift my money tree plant up. It was looking a bit sad and limp, so it's now standing tall and proud.

Bottom-right: I took time to participate in a research study for a Pulmonary Physiologist PhD candidate. It was an eye-opening experience on medical research and I'm glad I got to participate. The experiment itself was demanding because it included exercising while getting blood samples drawn while my getting my heart analyzed through a probe of sorts. I'd encourage everyone to participate as a research subject to help in all the research on campus.

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