Day 22: Lower Level Concept Development, Construction Underway, and the Birth of the "After Fives" - June 3, 2013

Josh Le - Mon Jun 03, 2013

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Top: We met with DIALOG at their office to see their concept ideas for the lower level of SUB. This is the first page of the presentation with some of their inspirations and themes for the lower level. Some details need more refining, but it's exciting to see the puzzle pieces of the project coming together.

Bottom-left: Construction is officially underway in the SUB towers! The 3rd, 4th, and 6th floors are the first pieces in Phase One to get the makeover. The blueprint and designs look great. I'm most excited for the 6th floor! I'll release some more teasers as the project proceeds.

Bottom-right: What are the "After Fives?" Stay tuned. ;)

Other notables: - The Exec continues an internal session called GOV 599 to learn about Governance. - The Exec goals were presented at the Senior Managers Meeting.

Vp Operations And Finance