Residence Associations

Residence Associations

What are Residence Associations?

Residence Associations represent and provide services to all students living in their residence. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Representing the students to Residence Services, the Students’ Union, and the Graduate Students’ Association;
  • Coordinating social events; and,
  • Providing services as needed.

Each Residence Association is unique in its innate understanding of the issues and concerns that affect the students in that Residence. They are an important part of the campus community, both socially and politically.

Association des Résidents de la Faculté Saint-Jean (ARFSJ)

ARFSJ is an association that occupies itself with promoting the French language within the residence and in the francophone community. They organize multiple events for their residents and other students of the University of Alberta. They are there to assure that the residents enjoy their life in residence.

8406 - 91 Street, Room 2-12F, McMahon Hall Website:

East Campus Students' Association (ECSA)

The East Campus Students’ Association (ECSA) is run by a team of elected residents and comprises all of the East Campus Village as members. Your ECSA Council’s duties include planning events and programs for residents, managing the East Campus Community Centre, coordinating a budget, recruiting volunteers and providing feedback to ensure that residents have the best year ever.

11054 - 87 Ave

HUB Community Association (HCA)

Your HUB Community Association is run by a team of elected residents. All HUB residents that pay the residence membership fee can access the services provided by HCA. Your HCA Council’s duties include planning events and programs for residents, managing The Vault (HUB Community Centre, bottom of stairwell 9114), running the HCA executive office (renting movies, vacuums, etc.) and the HUB English Conversation Club, providing volunteer opportunities, creating the monthly HUB newsletter and providing feedback to ensure that residents have the best year ever.

8905 3B - 112 Street

International House Community Council (IHCC)

The International House Community Council is a cooperative group of I-House residents who, among other important roles, organize social events and make decisions concerning I-House. All I-House residents are part of Community Council automatically, and are welcome to participate in Community Council meetings. Elected representatives serve the Community Council by becoming part of the Community Council Facilitation Team (FT Team). The FT Team help to run Community Council, host events and create a culturally diverse community. Community Council meeting dates are listed in the calendar and are generally every second Sunday. Get involved in life at I-House – plan events and trips, write for the newsletter and make decisions that impact your community!

8801 - 111 St NW

Lister Hall Students' Association (LHSA)

The Lister Hall Students' Association (LHSA) works to program for all residents of the community, advocates for the community's best interests, and creates a welcoming environment in Lister for all residents and visitors.

231 Mackenzie Hall, Lister Centre

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Residence Associations
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