Day 36: New Coffee Place and SU Handbook Message - June 20, 2013

Josh Le - Fri Oct 04, 2013

alt text

Top: The SU Exec discussed the SU Coffee Shop during our Exec Committee meeting. Using the nifty smart projectors, we widdled down the list on the left to the few on the right. At this point, we're looking at "Beans and Blends" or "the (Daily) Grind." A few Exec liked "Cool Beans," but it was vetoed for being too cheesy and generational.

Bottom: I get to welcome students back from the the Spring/Summer break or to the U of A for the first time as an SU Exec through the SU Handbook. Each Exec gets to write a message and I wrote my message as Josh Le, VP (Operations & Finance). It's hard to be succinct when there's so much that can be said. I settled on introducing myself, my portfolio, how my portfolio is relevant to them, and some words of encouragement. I realize the value and limitations of the handbook message with it being a first impression but only one static message. I plan for my future communications with students to be more of a dialogue than a mini speech.

Vp Operations And Finance