Day 45 - SUB Coffee Shop construction begins, signing a VERY BIG cheque, wearing U of A colours proudly - July 3, 2013

Josh Le - Fri Oct 04, 2013

alt text

Top left: The Java Jive space is cleared out and ready for the new coffee shop to begin construction!

Top-right/Bottom-left: Today was another moment in how lucrative my job gets. I got to sign a $1.7 million dollar cheque to pay the insurance premiums for our Health and Dental plan. My eyes almost popped out of their sockets when I saw this cheque during my weekly cheque run. I set aside this cheque briefly to confirm the details surrounding the amount. I had to calm myself down when I got around to sign the cheque. The moment of signing went by in an instant and there was a moment of silence. I was waiting for triumphant music to fill the silence and commemorate the moment, but there was no music. My words after signing the cheque were "Well, there goes $1.7 million," and then I went back to work.

Bottom-right: The SU Exec received a gift from the Alumni Association. Each Exec either got a tie or a bow tie in the official U of A tartan. I'm excited to wear the colours proudly when the opportunity arises. The bow tie is a self-tie bow tie. I'm glad I still remember how to properly form the bow tie. Stay tuned to seeing it in use!

Vp Operations And Finance