Day 35: U-Pass Advisory Group Meeting and Lunch with DRPA- June 19, 2013

Josh Le - Fri Oct 04, 2013

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Left: The SU's Department of Research and Political Affairs took the SU Exec out for lunch. The DRPA is a secret but not-so-secret weapon of the SU to help with our advocacy efforts, conduct research for political SU projects, and brief Exec before important meetings. Overall, they are key, like so many other arms of the SU, to the success of the SU. Traditionally, the DRPA and the VPOF don't work together much because the DRPA deals with mostly political affairs, but one of my goals this year is to maximize our collaboration on projects since they're such an invaluable resource. One of the most exciting project we'll work together one is surrounding the creation of the Business Advisory Group. This may change, but my goal for the BAG to act as consultants and business analysts for the VPOF and SU business managers to research and develop realistic recommendations to improve SU businesses.

Right: The U-Pass Advisory Board met for the first time of this term. It was more of an introductory meeting to introduce the different stakeholders to each other and discuss some light agenda items. It was good to learn from different PSE institutions in Edmonton on their U-Pass programs. Two highlights among the agenda items is the proposed U-Pass design and learning that Sherwood Park is getting double-decker buses in the upcoming months. One funny side note is after all the carpet selecting from the SUB Renovations, I can't help but look at the carpet everywhere I go. This is in the lower level board room of Scotia Place.

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