Day 14: Decisions, new friendships, and teamwork – May 24

Josh Le - Fri May 24, 2013

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Top-left: Leftovers and snacks always seem to be in abundance in 2-900 (our office is 2-900 SUB) from meetings or gatherings. I always welcome the snacks, but one of the constant battles is to choose the healthy or not-as-healthy option. Today, I mostly chose healthy! It's the small victories that add up to win the war.

Top-right: ~30 student representatives from Students' Council and the Council of Faculty Associations hit the road to Camp Maskepetoon for GovCamp. I'm excited beause there are many new faces on the bus! That means new people are stepping up to the governance plate and there are new friendships to form. It's exciting and comforting to gather with so many student representatives because there's a shared understanding of experiences as an elected official that you can't fully understand otherwise. I'm looking forward to their unique perspectives to build on this common ground.

Bottom: We brought a lot of food and gear to GovCamp, so that meant we had to unload a lot of food and gear from the bus. A lightbulb turn on in my head after scurrying back and forth and noting inefficiencies in our method. I drew upon my many years of participating in the famous Orientation Muffin Line to get the product from the bus to the kitchen in the fastest and funnest way. Needless to say, I was proud.

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