Day 2: Second day in the office and it's looking to get tougher and tougher – May 8

Josh Le - Wed May 08, 2013

alt text

Top: The SUB Renovation architects, DIALOG, created a mock-up of the renovated SUB a few months back. The design has changed a bit, but this mock-up captures the essence of it. This is an aerial view from the southeast.

Bottom-left: After a long meeting hammering out details about glass casings, I got to play interior designer for a bit. These are carpet tile samples for the 6th floor and lower-level. The blond birch wood samples are for the door.

Bottom-right: This is the sun setting at 9PM as I left campus via the LRT (with my new Spring/Summer uPass!). Second day in the office and my second 12 hour day. This was my first challenge to a work-life balance where I had to make a split second decision about an important meeting that I found out about in the 11th hour. I had to choose the well-being of the SU over a very important dinner. Unimpressed and feeling terrible about missing the dinner, but the result from the meeting was positive. It's a rude awakening and a scary foreshadow for the year, but I signed up for the job. Let's hope I make better decisions going forward. "I am not here for me."

Vp Operations And Finance