Day 49 - SU Art Collection: Stained Glass - July 9, 2013

Josh Le - Fri Oct 04, 2013

alt text

Top: Campus got to take part in celebrating the 100 year birthday of the Edmonton Public Library through their eplGO branch in Cameron library. There was a free barbecue, beautiful weather, and great company. Campus in the summer is great!

Bottom: Another development in the SUB Renovations is a meeting with the Chaplains' Association about the SU stained glass art collection in the Interfaith Chapel. The challenge: How to get 7, 8-10' x 3', stained glass up the 3rd floor of SUB. Solution: TBD. Fun fact, there used to be 8 stained glass panels, but one of them broke many years ago. The photo shows 8 just for the symmetry, but you'll notice the first and last ones repeat.

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