Indigenous Celebration Week

Indigenous Celebration Week

The University of Alberta Students' Union (UASU), hosted Indigenous Celebration Week (ICW) for the second time in 2023. ICW is a celebration of Indigenous culture, teachings and languages that aims to share knowledge and create positive energy for the Indigenous community on campus and its allies. The Week features events which are led by Indigenous elders and other community members as a way to honour traditional elements within a contemporary setting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is ICW planned? Who's making the decisions?

ICW has an Advisory Committee that consists of FNMI representatives from Supporting Indigenous Languages Revitalization, First Peoples' House, Indigenous Students' Union and Faculty of Native Studies. All high-level decisions regarding programming, speakers, and visuals are made by the committee. The UASU has a coordination committee (consisting of staff and the VP Student Life) that handle the logistical and operational aspects of the event-planning, including the implementation of the Advisory Committee's recommendations.

Interested in joining the Advisory Committee for ICW 2023? Recruitment for Student-at-Large positions will start in Spring 2023.

What is the story behind the graphic for ICW 2023?

The main ICW graphic is an illustration by an Indigenous artist: Halie Finney.

"I wanted to do a pack of coyotes running together in tall grass at night, I was thinking like a current of coyotes. Coyotes are an animal that are pretty widespread, they exist in urban spaces and rural, northern and southern, etc, I think everyone has a relationship with coyotes. The red ribbon emphasizes their unified motion and symbolizes the future/moving forward. The other coyotes are carrying sage which, I think, many indigenous cultures use for healing. " - Halie Finney

2023 Schedule

Monday January 23,2023

Opening Ceremony/Welcoming - 10:00am, Orion Room

Cree Immersion Hour pt. 1 - with Francis Whiskeyjack, Rudy Okemaw and Sharlene Alook - 11:00am, Orion Room**

Cree Immersion Hour pt. 2 - with Mary Cardinal Collins and Elmer Ghostkeeper - 1:00pm, Orion Room**

Introduction to Cree - with Levi Wolfe - 2:00pm, Orion Room

Introduction to Michif - with Kimmy Fraser-Airhart - 3:00pm, Orion Room

All sessions here are open to anyone!

Tuesday January 24,2023

5PM-8PM: Indigenous Youth Night at Dinwoodie Lounge, SUB

All students, staff, and community members are welcome!

Wednesday, January 25,2023

11AMM-4PM: Indigenous Artisans Market at SUB

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