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The Alberta Disadvantage: 31% drop in funding to Alberta’s Post-Secondary Education

In real terms, Alberta has seen a shocking 9% drop in post-secondary education (PSE) funding in the past year, and a 31% total drop in the past five years. [Recent analysis][1] by Higher Education Strategy ...

Statement in Support of Transgender Students' Rights

The UASU unequivocally supports transgender students and their right to a safe, equitable learning environment. Transgender students should never have to fear discrimination by their peers, instructors, institutions, or community. In the UASU's latest annual ...

Featured Service: SUBprint

SUBprint is a full-service printing facility open to all members of the University community as well as the public and local businesses. We offer large format printing and banner stands, as well as digital printing, copying and finishing in both black-and-white & colour. We also produce all of the University coursepacks sold in the Bookstore.

SUBprint offers while-you-wait, same-day service and accepts University speedcodes in addition to all other methods of payment. We can produce any document you require, in small or large quantities, on a wide variety of media.

Check out our site for more information, and for details on submitting your print jobs electronically!