A key task of your 2018 - 19 SU Executives is to develop a summary of their goals for the year. This will provide a useful metric at the end of the year, when they will prepare a snapshot of their achievements.

The 2018-19 SU Executive Goals Summary is available here as a PDF.

Reed Larsen
Reed Larsen President

Reed Larsen is a 7th-year political science student scholar of the Peter Lougheed Leadership College with a keen focus on provincial politics. Becoming involved in student governance the last two academic years, he has served on Students Council, General Faculties Council, Arts Faculty Council, University of Alberta Senate and in 2017/18 the Vice President External for the Students' Union and Chair of the Council of Alberta University Students. He has been an active member of the campus community for years and is thrilled to serve as the UASU President for 2018/19, which very well may be his final year on campus.

Before academics, Reed has a diverse background, including time working in Shenzhen China as an English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor, home construction, door-to-door sales, and property management. He has been the owner of two small businesses, one involving sales for eavestrough maintenance and a second doing aerial photography and mapping using small UAV's or drones. Raised between Spruce Grove and Devon Alberta, he has a history of rural community involvement in 4H, reining, rodeo, and jackpots. Currently living in the Garneau neighbourhood of Edmonton, his hobbies now include sewing, racing drones, skiing, and reading. You can follow along with his personal life online (snapchat @kingjoffery, instagram @thatreallyblondeguy) or professional (Facebook @uasupresident, Twitter @uasupresident).

Akanksha Bhatnagar
Akanksha Bhatnagar VP Academic

Akanksha Bhatnagar is the 2018-19 Vice President Academic of the University of Alberta Students’ Union. She was born in India, has lived in Toronto and has spent the last decade in Edmonton. She is a fourth year student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts, double majoring in Sociology and Political Science, and is a Peter Lougheed Leadership student. Before being elected as the Vice President Academic, Akanksha worked as the Student Governance Officer with the Students’ Union where she supported all levels of student governance. Akanksha’s passion for leadership development stems from her involvement with the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Program, serving as a Board Member on the Alberta Public Interest Research Group and being a Dias member for the High School Model United Nations Conference.

In her role as Vice President Academic, Akanksha’s priorities include advocating for affordable class materials, exploring the collection of demographic collection on campus, supporting the diverse needs of student representatives from across campus and ensuring all students receive the highest quality of education. When Akanksha is not working, she enjoys spending time with her dog Rose, drinking an excessive amount of lattes, cooking and, of course, eating. To keep updated on the UASU VP Academic portfolio, follow Akanksha Bhatnagar on Twitter @UASUVPAcademic and on Facebook at UASU VP Academic Akanksha Bhatnagar.

Adam Brown
Adam Brown VP External

Adam Brown is the 2018-2019 Vice President External of the University of Alberta Students’ Union and the Chair of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA). He is currently a 4th year student working to complete a Bilingual Bachelors of Commerce between Campus Saint-Jean and the Faculty of Business, majoring in Business Economics and Law. He is also a student of the Peter Lougheed Leadership College. Adam represents undergraduate students to all levels of government; in addition to his advocacy role as Chair of CASA, Adam also works with the Council of Alberta University Students (CAUS) in various advocacy efforts. His priorities this year include, but are not limited to, advocating for stronger tuition regulations, addressing the legalization of cannabis on campuses, and advocating for the expansion of student employment programs subsidized by government.

A born and raised Calgarian, Adam has been passionate about student leadership and politics since a very young age. He has occupied various student governance positions at Campus Saint-Jean, most recently as President of the Association des Universitaires de la Faculté Saint-Jean (AUFSJ). Since moving to Edmonton, he has also become immersed in Alberta’s francophone community and has held various leadership roles in provincial and national francophone youth parliaments. Adam’s political experience has helped to grow his advocacy skills and develop relationships with various government stakeholders. In his free time, Adam enjoys spending time with friends, listening to music, watching hockey as a life-long Oilers fan, and following political events locally and globally.

You can follow Adam on Twitter @uasuvpexternal, and on Facebook at UASU VP External Adam Brown.

Emma Ripka
Emma Ripka VP Operations & Finance

Emma is a fourth year Finance student, passionate about human interaction and innovation. She spent her childhood growing up in rural Alberta, camping, hiking and playing in the yard with her three brothers. This exposure to adventure lead her to work as a nanny in Paris during her gap year, before deciding to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce here at the University of Alberta. Upon arrival, she got involved with many student groups, including AIESEC Edmonton, JDC West and the University Improv Group, all of which greatly enhanced her time at university thus far. In general, Emma likes trying new things and meeting new people. She takes advantage of any opportunity presented to her, hence her landing the role of Vice President Operations and Finance.

In addition to overseeing budgeting and fee distribution, she is also working on enhancing the seven SU business units, as well as attaining her platform goals. These include veg options at Dewey’s and Room at the Top, creating an SU catalogue for student groups, as well as a skill-sharing network to connect students from different faculties. She firmly believes in the potential of the campus community, and excited to make a difference through her role. In the future, Emma is interested in pursuing a career in Psychology, but is also flexible and will instead follow the career opportunities that arise. Emma is looking forward to what this year will bring, as she is confident that it will be great.

Andre Bourgeois
Andre Bourgeois VP Student Life

Andre is a sixth year student in the Faculty of Arts, majoring in Sociology. After graduating high school in Morinville, Alberta, he moved to Edmonton where he began his involvement with the Students’ Union as a Faculty Leader with the Week of Welcome and New Student Orientation Program. Driven by a desire to improve campus life, Andre held the position of Student Promotional Coordinator with UASUevents from 2016-2018, working with a team of volunteers to organize events such as Week of Welcome, Campus Cup, AntiFreeze, and the Students’ Union Christmas Party for Kids. In addition to supporting Residence Associations and promoting wellness initiatives for students, Andre is passionate about enlivening the campus community by assisting Student Groups in achieving their goals and hosting successful events. This year, he looks forward to contributing to the University’s plan to prevent and respond to incidences of sexual violence in the campus community, as well as upholding the responsibility to support Indigenous students.

Andre is an avid hiker, and loves exploring the Rocky Mountains in pursuit of new sights and experiences. In his free time, he enjoys indoor rock climbing, snowboarding, and cooking. A music enthusiast, Andre always seeks to connect with people by sharing music and supporting local musicians. Grateful to serve as this year’s Vice President Student Life, Andre is inspired by the opportunity to further the University of Alberta’s capacity to serve as a warm, welcoming, and inclusive space for all students.

Levi Flaman
Levi Flaman Board of Governors Representative

Levi Flaman is the Student at Large elected to the University of Alberta Board Of Governors for the 2018/2019 academic year. Working towards a Bachelor of Commerce in East Asian Business Studies with a Strategic Management & Organization minor, he has been extensively involved with many endeavors on campus.

He first began representing Open Studies students with the University of Alberta Students’ Union Students’ Council in 2015 serving three terms as the Open Studies Councilor sitting on multiple committees and boards, in addition to serving two terms as the President of the East Asian Studies Undergraduate Students’ Association.

Elsewhere on campus, he has been employed by the Students’ Union for several years and a volunteer with Safewalk, as well as volunteering with University of Alberta International as a Senior Peer and Welcome Ambassador working with international and exchange students.

Levi hopes to bring his past experience in governance and student representation, combined with his knowledge of the university and the issues that pertain to the campus community as a whole to the board level to advocate in a way that results in the best decisions for both students and the University.

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