A key task of your SU Executives is to develop a summary of their goals for the year. This provides a useful metric at the end of the year, when they will prepare a snapshot of their achievements.

The Goals document for the 2020 - 2021 year is available here.

Joel Agarwal
Joel Agarwal President

Joel Agarwal is a current undergraduate student with a degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Alberta, and has a keen interest in governance and public health research. Having been involved in student governance for the past three years, he has served on Students’ Council, General Faculties Council, and from 2019-2020 served as Vice President Academic for the Students’ Union. Joel has been an active member on campus, and is excited to serve as the 2020/21 UASU President where he will also sit on the University Board of Governors.

Apart from governance, Joel has a research background in health policy and pulmonary medicine, having worked as a Research Assistant for a year. Having presented at conferences across Canada, and publications in journals such as Clinical and Investigative Medicine, his work looked at bronchodilator testing in Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) laboratories for asthma diagnosis among other topics. He has served as a journal reviewer, peer mentor, and was a recipient of the Undergraduate Research Initiative award.

Born in Saskatchewan and raised in Calgary, he has an appreciation for the prairies, mountains and the wild. In his spare time, Joel is an avid nature photographer, loves jazz, and played trombone with the University of Alberta Concert Band for two years.

David Draper VP Academic

David Draper is the UASU Vice President Academic for the 2020-2021 academic year as well as a fourth year Arts student passionate about student governance. Over the last year David has served in just about every committee or position he was physically able too, from his faculty association, to Students Council, to GFC, and various student groups across campus. David is driven to make tangible change for all students and to make their lives easier as a whole. From protecting students on Experiential learning opportunities, to Open Educational Resources (OERs), and updating beartracks to include information students need, he knows that there are clear ways to directly improve the quality of life for students at the U of A. David’s passion for governance also pushes him to work to remove structural barriers in the governance system. He firmly believes that all students should be able to take part in governance, regardless of who they are, where they're from, and what program they're in. David also knows that once people are in a governance position there needs to be strong infrastructure in place to support them, and he plans on building that infrastructure to support student representatives for years to come.

Outside of governance, David is an avid record collector, funk drummer, and amateur drag queen. He loves to spend rainy nights mixing drinks for his boyfriend and cuddling with his cats while watching The Twilight Zone. Born in Ottawa but raised in Edmonton, David knows milk should be bagged, but also loves Alberta Beef. Most of all however, David is excited to serve his fellow students as their Vice President Academic, and is ready to fight tirelessly for their needs over the next year.
David's photograph ©2020 University of Alberta Office of the Registrar

Rowan Ley
Rowan Ley VP External

Rowan Ley is the 2020-21 Vice President External of the University of Alberta Students’ Union, also serving as Chair of the Council of Alberta University Students. He is in his fifth year of the Bachelor of Arts, focusing on history, economics, and political science. Rowan has been involved in student governance for three years, serving as the Organization for Arts Students and Interdisciplinary Studies Governance Director, Students’ Councillor for the Faculty of Arts, and Undergraduate Board of Governors Representative. In the broader campus community, he has participated in a wide variety of student groups, including the Debate club, with which he has attended competitions as far away as Thailand and South Africa, the Karate club, a fraternity, and Ultimate Frisbee intramurals.

Outside the University, Rowan has worked as a page at the Alberta Legislature, was a two-time Student Ministerial Intern in Agriculture and Forestry and Premier’s Office Tours and Scheduling, in street marketing, and as a volunteer debate coach. He is committed to advocating for consistent public funding for universities, affordable education, fair representation for students in decision-making, and work-integrated learning opportunities.

After business hours, Rowan enjoys walking his dog, cycling in the Edmonton river valley, collecting model planes, and learning about history. He is grateful for the opportunity to serve students as Vice President External, working to keep world-class university education in Alberta.

Alana Krahn VP Operations & Finance

Alana Krahn is the Vice President of Operations and Finance of the University of Alberta Students’ Union. She is in her fifth year, majoring in Business Law and Economics, and minoring in Sociology. Throughout her time at the U of A and her co-op work experiences, Alana has conducted a range of academic and market research. She is keenly interested in the intersections of social and economic topics.

Alana was an active member of General Faculties Council last year, which led her to realize the extreme value of student voices in University governance. During this term on the Students’ Union executive team, Alana is excited to oversee the Students’ Union’s budget, as well as the operations of the SU’s businesses and services. She is committed to prioritizing sustainability and student wellness and mental health in her work at the Students’ Union.

In her spare time, Alana is an avid and determined gardener, and she has a deep love of classical and jazz music, both listening and performing. Waking up early in the morning to go for a run or read a book is a favourite pastime.

Katie Kidd
Katie Kidd VP Student Life

Katie Kidd is the 2020-2021 Vice President Student Life of the University of Alberta Students’ Union. She is a fifth year Secondary Education student with an English major and social studies minor. Katie has always been driven by a desire to improve the lives of the people around her. Throughout her time on campus, Katie has been fully immersed in student life. She lived in residence for two years, completed two work experiences, has been a member of numerous student groups, and worked on campus for four years.

Katie was involved in student governance for the past year, as the education counsellor on the Students’ Council last year. Throughout her time on council, she has been involved on numerous committees. Most of her work was focused on mental health, safety for students on work experience, sexual violence, students who parent and residence. These continue to be priorities for her throughout her term as Vice President. Katie’s guiding principles are every student deserves to be safe on campus and access supports that will help them thrive. Some of her goals include: diversifying mental health resources, supporting residence associations, and ensuring support are in place for all students in regards to sexual violence.

Outside of the role, Katie has a passion for working with children and youth. She has been a summer camp counsellor for the past seven years, focusing on children with disabilities and children impacted by cancer. She regularly volunteers with the Steadward Centre and with Kids Help Phone. She also loves to cook and is often found trying to recreate Pinterest recipes. Katie is grateful to be able to be the Vice President Student Life and cannot wait to serve U of A students as a compassionate advocate throughout the year.

Dave Konrad
Dave Konrad Board of Governors Representative

Dave Konrad is the 2020-2021 Undergraduate Representative for the University of Alberta’s Board of Governors. He is in his third year of Human Dimensions of Environmental Management in the faculty of ALES, with his eye on international diplomacy where he will develop cooperative policies with countries to bring peace in places of violence. Dave has been involved in student governance for a year and a half, serving as a Councillor on the Students’ Union Council and as Vice-President of ALES’ Faculty Association, FAUnA, looking to support vulnerable communities and deescalate ideologically polarized situations. Other student groups he has spent time in as a member or leader are Power to Change and the University of Alberta Powerlifting Association

Outside of UAlberta, Dave has worked during summers and some holidays for Clark Builders, a local prime contractor in the construction industry, for five years. Spending his first four years as a labourer, he stepped into a project coordination position this past summer, allowing him to utilize his organization and communication skills. He worked with a team of students from UAlberta and Queen’s University in Ontario as well, to develop a non-profit that virtually connects young people and elderly people in care homes to reduce rates of loneliness in elderly populations. He has also been part of community movements centred around environmental change and Indigenous reconciliation, noting society’s polarization around big issues and trying to push forward with careful consideration and kindness.

For fun, Dave takes photographs and does recreational videography. He also enjoys weightlifting and volleyball. He shares a lot of laughs and deep conversations with his immediate family and also enjoys building meaningful relationships with people in any circles he finds himself in.

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