A key task of your UASU Executives is to develop a summary of their goals for the year. This provides a useful metric at the end of the year, when they will prepare a snapshot of their achievements. UASU Executives have their goals prepared by the end of the Summer Trimester and will post them here when they are completed.

Christian Fotang
Christian Fotang President

Christian Fotang (he/him) is your University of Alberta Students' Union (UASU) President. He is in his sixth year of a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Biology, and minoring in Psychology. During his time working at the Students' Union, Christian has strived to build relationships across all levels of government and fight for a post-secondary education system that’s both accessible and affordable for UAlberta students.

Christian is always thinking of ways to provide opportunities for student participation in advocacy and is driven to help contribute to creating a post secondary education system that is affordable and accessible for all.

Throughout his time at the U of A, Christian has been a researcher, conducting research in atmospheric chemistry. He has also been involved in multiple student groups such as Science FUNdamentals, Friends of Medecins Sans Frontieres and worked as a line cook at Earl's on Campus. Outside of student governance, Christian is an avid podcast listener, football (soccer) fanatic, and self taught guitarist struggling to learn Norwegian. He loves walks in the rain, learning about an array of topics, sparkling water and spending time with his little sister.

If you would like to talk more about soccer, offer free Norwegian lessons or most importantly have concerns, or even ideas for how we can build on our student advocacy, you can reach out to Christian via email: christian.fotang@uasu.ca, phone: (780)-492-4241, on Instagram: @uasuexcutive and on Twitter @uasupresident

Pedro Almeida VP Academic

Pedro (he/him) is your UASU Vice President Academic. He was born in Brazil and is now a Science student studying Immunology & Infection. Over the past year, Pedro has represented the student body in the University of Alberta Senate, as well as undergone other volunteer experiences in the University community, such as the Peer-Assisted-Learning Program (PAL), as a PAL Teaching Assistant. Through his position, Pedro wants to empower students to pursue the change necessary to improve students’ experiences at the University of Alberta.

During his term, Pedro wants to work to promote the University for mandatory Indigenous course content, for an expansion of the Zero Textbook Cost program and for greater adoption of hybrid learning across our three campuses. Pedro also wants to advocate for greater access to supports for students as well as greater access to buildings on campus. Furthermore, he wants to push for reevaluation of our embedded certificate application process, current academic integrity policies and improve the experience of students in work-integrated-learning terms. Besides these, Pedro wants to ensure there is consistent communication between the UASU and different student associations on campus, in order to be certain that the academic priorities of students are met.

Outside of governance, Pedro loves sports and spending time with his friends. Feel free to reach out to pedro.almeida@uasu.ca if you have any questions, academic concerns or if you just want to chat about the NBA finals!

Chris Beasley
Chris Beasley VP External

Chris Beasley (he/they) is your UASU Vice President External this year!

Chris has spent the last six years as a political science student on campus, getting heavily involved with the Organization for Arts Students and Interdisciplinary Studies (OASIS), the Debate Society, as well as UASU Students’ Council.

This year, they will be working to represent you to the municipal, provincial, and federal government to ensure that students get the best deals possible. He will also be chairing our provincial advocacy coalition, the Council of Alberta University Students (CAUS). Students need more mental health funding, more support for sexual and gender based violence response services, and more affordability in their degrees. These are just a few of the conversations Chris will be having with elected officials and stakeholders on your behalf. If you ever want to chat about politics or what the UASU advocates on, you can always send an email to chris.beasley@uasu.ca, to set up some time to meet and chat.

Outside of governance you can find them playing Dungeons & Dragons, hanging out with the friends he made in university, and petting their cat.

Levi Flaman VP Operations & Finance

Levi Flaman (he/him) is your UASU Vice President Operations & Finance. A fourth year Bachelor of Commerce student, Levi is majoring in East Asian Business Studies with a minor in Business Economics & Law. Throughout his degree, he has been involved in various capacities around campus, including working at InfoLink; volunteering with Orientation & Week of Welcome, Safewalk and International Student Services; and being elected to Students’ Council, General Faculties Council and the Board of Governors.

Levi’s platform largely centers around affordability. During his term, he hopes to band together with other student associations to increase our purchasing power, to reduce costs for goods and services the organization spends money on. He will also focus on bolstering the UASU’s non-student revenue streams to reduce reliance on student revenue such as membership fees and prices in our businesses (Daily Grind, Dewey’s, Room at the Top, and Balmoral Lounge). He is also working to secure more student discount opportunities for our members on and off campus.

Outside of academic and extracurricular activities, Levi spends his free time playing video games or watching East Asian films and television shows. If you have any recommendations, send them his way! Get in touch via email at levi.flaman@uasu.ca.

Michael Griffiths”/>
<div class= Michael Griffiths VP Student Life

Michael Griffiths (he/they) is your UASU Vice President Student Life for the 2023/24 academic year. He is entering his fifth year of an honours political science degree, with a minor in economics and a leadership certificate from the Peter Lougheed Leadership College. Michael grew up in the small Alberta town of Coronation before moving to Edmonton in September of 2019 to pursue his degree. He has been involved on campus throughout his degree, living in residence for four years and serving as President of the Lister Hall Students' Association during 2022/23. Outside of governance, you can find Michael watching an Oilers game, playing intramural sports, or exploring the city's scenery.

This year, Michael hopes to continue the efforts of past executives in improving safety, inclusivity, affordability, and sustainability at the University of Alberta. They will be working on initiatives like the implementation of the new sexual and gender based violence policy and improvements to mental health support on campus with the recently announced funding. He will also be working on improvements to our residences and continuing to re-engage our campus and student group communities as we emerge from the pandemic.

Michael is always looking to expand their advocacy efforts and student consultation. If you are ever in need of support or have concerns to raise, please reach out to Michael by email: michael.griffiths@uasu.ca.

Stephen Raitz
Stephen Raitz Board of Governors Representative

Stephen Raitz (he/him) has a background in Urban Planning and is attending school to become a lawyer because he is passionate about explaining complicated matters to everyday people and helping resolve problems they face. Stephen has worked with others on campus to run improv festivals, karaoke nights, and student conferences. He's collaboratively developed advocacy campaigns pushing for a safer, more liveable city and an improved academic experience.

While the Board of Governors Rep is the most unsexy student governance position of all time, Stephen hopes to utilize the narrow, but important, opportunities to advocate for long-term positive change on campus.

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