Students' Council

Students' Council

Students' Council is the ultimate authority in the Students' Union. It consists of 40 members:

Together, these individuals are responsible for fulfilling the mandate of the Students' Union. This mandate comes from the Post Secondary Learning Act.

Students' Councillors represent their faculty at Council meetings and are expected to adhere to the Students' Council Oath. Councillors consult with their constituents and collaborate with fellow Councillors to act as an advocate for students. Councillors are expected to show interest in the six committees of Council and be actively attending meetings.

The Standing Orders for Students' Council can be found here.

Meetings of Students' Council are generally every second Tuesday at 6:00 PM. Meetings are open to the public except when Council moves in camera to discuss sensitive business. Students' Council welcomes input from the public during meetings, but please be aware that all meetings of the Council observe Robert's Rules of Order. If you are interested in attending a meeting of Students' Council, please check the meeting schedule for information for when and where the next Council meeting will take place. Can't make it to the meeting? Check out the Council live stream!

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While Students' Council has delegated some of its authority to its various committees, notably the Discipline, Interpretation, and Enforcement Board and the Executive Committee, it retains ultimate control and authority over the elected Executive Officers, staff, all monies collected under its authority, and any subsidiary body created under its auspices. In short, all power, control and responsibility ultimately is vested in Council.

Council has created a number of standing committees and boards to assist it in its work. While there are other committees in the Students' Union established by the Executive Committee or Staff, standing committees exist exclusively to carry out the business of Students' Council. As such, they consist almost exclusively of elected members of Students' Council. These committees allow Council to greatly expand the amount of business it can deal with by carrying out delegated activities and refining suggested actions to be taken by Council.

It is important to note that the as the judiciary of the Students' Union, the Discipline, Interpretation and Enforcement (DIE) Board is made up of appointed, non-elected officials to avoid conflicts of interest and maintain judicial independence.

The logistical and procedural concerns of Council are the responsibility of the elected Speaker. Any questions should be directed towards this officer of Council at

If you would like to volunteer with—and learn more about—Students' Council, please visit the Students' Council Mentorship Program information page.

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