Day 32: RATT closed for renovations and the SU Casino Fundraiser - June 14, 2013

Josh Le - Fri Oct 04, 2013

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Top and bottom-left: The SU celebrated the last day of RATT's operations before it closed its doors for kitchen renovations. A good bunch of us spent time in RATT during the week and today to cherish the last bit of delicious food and amazing views from the 7th floor of SUB. I'm really excited to see RATT stronger than ever when it reopens on August 6th.

Bottom: The SU volunteers at the casino once every 18 months to fundraise to replenish our Casino Fund. In general, the Casino Fund funds equipment, promotional activity, special program support, and more. The fund cannot be used to purchase or fund equipment or supplies that are intended to produce income. I volunteered for the 9:45PM - 2:45AM shift on Friday night as a count room supervisor to count the day's cash with the count room team. I have very little experience or insight in the casino scene, but I learned quite a bit from the contractor working with our group. Although it was a late night, I had good bonding time with SU staff and some of their family members.

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