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News Staff - Tue Mar 08, 2016

The University of Alberta Students’ Union (SU) is pleased to announced the results of the Students’ Union General Election held earlier this month. We congratulate all the winners, and thank everyone who ran, volunteered and voted.

President: Fahim Rahman
Fahim Rahman is a fifth year chemistry student. In 2015/16, he served as the Vice President (Academic) at the University of Alberta Students’ Union. Fahim’s campaign priorities were affordable education, increasing employment opportunities for new graduates and improving students’ mental health.

Vice President (Academic): Marina Banister
Marina Banister is a fourth year political science student who has been heavily involved in student governance since coming to the University of Alberta. She has served on multiple committees and boards, including Students’ Council and the General Faculties Council. Some of Marina’s priorities during her campaign were advocating for students to have more flexibility in pursuing their degrees, increasing resources for international students, and encouraging more diversity in student governance.

Vice-President (External): Mike Sandare
Mike Sandare is a third year political science student. He is currently the Vice President of Incoming Exchange Account Delivery for AIESEC’s Edmonton chapter, a youth-run non-profit organization. Mike’s priorities are improving access to affordable education and mental health services for students.

Vice-President (Operations & Finance): Robyn Paches
Robyn Paches is a student at the Alberta School of Business. He has been highly involved in his campus community and with student governance, serving as the Co-Chair of the Alberta Energy Challenge and president of the University of Alberta Ski and Snowboard Club, as well as sitting on Students’ Council and chairing the Students’ Union’s audit committee. Robyn hopes to increase access to healthy food on campus, create sustainable infrastructure for the SU, and improve student safety on campus.

Vice President (Student Life): Francesca El Ghossein
Francesca El Ghossein is a fourth year science student studying biological sciences at Campus Saint-Jean. She has served as a board member of APIRG as well as Vice President (Internal) of the Campus Saint-Jean Students’ Association. As VP (Student Life), Francesca plans to advocate on behalf of Residence Associations and student groups, and improve access to mental health services on campus.

Board of Governors Representative: Colin Champagne
Colin Champagne is studying political science and economics at Campus Saint-Jean. He has served on the Students’ Council and was the 2015/16 president of the Campus Saint-Jean Students’ Association. Colin wants to improve the visibility of the BOG Rep and ensure that students know what’s happening at Board of Governors meetings.

DFU Plebiscite Question
The Gateway’s plebiscite to continue its Dedicated Fee Unit was successful. Full- and part-time students will continue to pay $3.39 in each of the Fall and Winter terms and $0.43 in each of the Spring and Summer terms towards the student-run and directed media organization.

Voter Turnout Statistics
2016 - 21.7 per cent
2015 - 22.8 per cent
2014 - 19.9 per cent

The SU is the official body that represents the nearly 30,000 undergraduate students at the University of Alberta. It acts as a strong advocate for students both on campus and at all levels of government.

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