SUB Renovation Update: Phase 2 of storm sewer relocation work to commence September 28

News Staff - Mon Sep 23, 2013

Work on the Students’ Union Building Renovation will continue with the next phase of relocating the storm sewer that runs under the 89 Avenue service road between SUB and the Van Vliet Centre. This work will start on September 28 and is expected to take two weeks to complete.


The work will be done in two stages, working west to east across 89 Avenue, from Clare Drake arena toward the Students’ Union Building. Each stage will take about one week. A diagram is attached showing the approximate extent of each stage of the work.

During stage one, excavation will extend from the north-west corner of the arena to half way across the roadway. During stage two, excavation will continue across the remainder of the roadway and extend to the side of the Students’ Union Building.

Suitable measures will be taken to minimize the impact on anyone using the roadway. These may include the installation of appropriate signage, concrete barriers, site fencing and temporary lighting, among other measures.

In line with City of Edmonton noise bylaws, construction work will only take place between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., Monday to Saturday, and 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. on Sundays.

Traffic Impacts

The 89 Avenue service road will be reduced to one shared lane for east and west-bound traffic. Traffic will be controlled by flagmen during both stages.

During stage one, vehicles will not be able to access the west side of Clare Drake arena from 89 Avenue; the entrance will remain open for wheelchair and pedestrian traffic. The entrance off 87 Avenue will remain open.

DATS service will continue during the construction work. Access to SUB and to the Myer Horowitz Theatre loading bay will not be affected.

We urge all users of the roadway to watch for and obey special signs and flag people (and we encourage all unnecessary traffic to use alternate routes).

Construction Map

For more information, please contact Nigel Brachi, at or 780.492.4241.

General information about the SUB Renovation project is available on the web at The project will be funded by a referendum-approved, CPI-indexed fee of $9 per term and an annual cash contribution from the Students’ Union operating funds. Additional funding is being sought from outside donors and vendors, with some key contributions already secured from business partners of the Students’ Union.

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