Event Planning

Frequently Asked Questions

My group wants to have a barbecue or bake sale to raise money. Where do we start?

Check out SGS's BBQ Handbook, Bake Sale Tip Sheet and our "Event Planning" section on the side menu.

My group wants to throw a massive alcoholic event. Do I need to worry about anything?

Yes, yes you do. If you're looking into options for an alcoholic event, or midway through planning it, or even if it's tomorrow night - contact Chelsea Livingstone, Student Event Risk Management Coordinator, at sgevents@ualberta.ca. She can help you get through the event safely.

You will need at least two members of your group who have completed Event Organizer Training (formerly the Alcohol Awareness Seminar), which includes an online component (ProServe). While you're waiting for an answer to your email or phone call, check out our "What are high-risk events?" page under Event Planning.

My group needs money to host our events! Where can we get some?

The Students' Union offers grant money through the Student Group Granting Program. Visit the Granting page for more information.

If grants aren't the way to go for your group, just contact our office! We can give you sponsorship and fundraising tips that'll be sure to help you start to amass your very own Scrooge McDuck gold pile.

How do I book rooms and other spaces on campus?

To book rooms in SUB, please visit the SU main office at 2-900 SUB! The meeting rooms are in the lower level and can be set up in a variety of ways depending on your group's activities.

To book rooms elsewhere on campus, email the Registrar's Office at rocentralbooking@ualberta.ca. The RO will also be able to tell you about room capacities such as projectors, computers, tables and chairs depending on the type of event you are hosting, so don't be afraid to ask!

Where can I hang posters to advertise my student group and events?

Most buildings on campus have cork boards and other places where you can advertise for recruitment, fundraisers, and anything else your student groups get up to! Safewalk even has a service that will hang your posters for you if your group doesn't have the people-power to canvas our wide main campus. For restrictions on where you can post your signs freely, and where to go for poster permissions, check out Safewalk's resource guide here!

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