DIE Board

DIE Board

The Discipline, Interpretation, and Enforcement Board (DIE Board) is the 'court' of the Students' Union, responsible for interpreting and enforcing the Bylaws of the Students' Union. It meets only as required. DIE Board is best known for their role in SU elections, when they are asked to rule on challenges to the decisions of the Chief Returning Officer. However, it fulfills other interpretive and enforcement roles as well!

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Karamveer Lahl (Chief Tribune) Landon Haynes (Associate Chief Tribune) Brittany Boyko
Tor Potter
Gil Miciak
Christian Zukowski
Nina Fourie
Shridhar Patel

Upcoming Hearings

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HEARING: 2018-10 (Allowance of DFU Referendum/Plebiscite Questions)
DATE: Wednesday, March 13, 2019
TIME: 1:00 PM
LOCATION: SUB 0-33 (Juniper Room)
HEARING INFORMATION: Hearing Application, Respondent Application (Sunday), Respondent Application (Kim), Respondent Application (Larsen), Respondent Application (Gora)

Reference Documents

2018-19 Rulings

Filename Date
DIE Board Ruling 2018-02 (Bilingualism Bylaw Interpretation) June 20, 2018
DIE Board Ruling 2018-03 (Appeal Application) June 28, 2018
DIE Board Ruling 2018-04/05/06 (Appeal of Removal from Council) Sept. 21, 2018
DIE Board Ruling 2018-07 (Bylaw 100 Violation) Oct. 31, 2018
DIE Board Ruling 2018-08 (Sunday vs. Students' Council) Feb. 7, 2019
DIE Board Ruling 2018-09 (DFU Vs. CRO) Feb. 27, 2019
DIE Board Ruling 2018-10 (Cutarm vs Students' Council) March 13, 2019
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