Get Involved

Get Involved

What Does a Councillor Do?

Being a councillor means that you are a representative for your faculty and its constituents, as well as all undergraduate students as a whole. As a representative of the Students’ Union you are responsible for using your unique knowledge to help promote its goals and activities and ensure that student voices and concerns are heard. At minimum, you will be attending council meetings once every second Tuesday as well as answering any questions directed to you by students through your faculty email. That said, the best councillors tend to devote a significant amount of their volunteer time to Students' Council, the Students’ Union and the individual committees of Council.

How Can I Get Involved?

If you'd like to see how Students' Council operates, come check it out! Click here for information on Students' Council meeting times and locations.

You can also sign up to participate in the Councillor Mentorship Program. This program is an initiative that will educate you about Students' Council and guide you through all of its various procedures. Participants will attend Council meetings with a current Councillor from their own faculty (where possible), who will mentor the participant for the meeting, providing insight into the organization of Students' Council and answering any questions they may have. For more information about the program or to register, please email The Councillor Mentorship Program typically begins operation during September of each academic year and runs until the end of April for the same academic year.

Elections for student executives and councillors are held annually during the Winter Term, typically around or shortly after Winter Reading Week. By-elections are held every September/October to fill any vacancies that remain after the initial round of elections. If you are considering running for one of these positions--more information about running and putting together a campaign can be found at the SU Elections website.

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