A free accompaniment service for anyone travelling on or around campus at night

What are Safewalk's boundaries?

On campus, our boundaries are from University Ave to the South, 116th Street to the West, Saskatchewan Drive to the North, and 111th Street to the East, including the area around the hospital. We can also take scheduled walks from Campus St. Jean and the Faculty of Extension.

We will also accompany you on the LRT (including the new Valley line). Additionally, between Southgate station and Churchill Station on the Capital line, we will walk 10 blocks from the station to your destination. We will not walk this additional distance for stations that are farther out on the Capital line or are on a different LRT line like the Metro or the Valley Line, but we can still take you to a nearby parking lot or bus station!

How can I get involved?

Safewalk is always in need of energetic and enthusiastic volunteers! Check out 'How to Apply'

Does Safewalk run during the summer?

Safewalk does not currently operate in the Summer as it does not get dark until quite late into the evenings and there is a limited student population. For now, we operate during fall and winter, but this could change in the future.

How much does Safewalk cost?

Our service is absolutely free and available to any student, staff member, faculty, and member of the community. It is a service that is included through your Students' Union fees.

What is an Incognito Walk?

An Incognito Walk is where our patrollers walk you home in plain clothes. You know, your friends don't have to know you use us (don't worry, you didn't hurt our feelings).

Why does Safewalk exist? Is our campus dangerous?

The University of Alberta campus is one of the safest in Canada. However, like any area of the city, the campus is victim to some crime. Safewalk was created not as a reaction to a crime wave, but, rather, to keep campus as safe as it already is.

How do I book a walk?

You can book a walk with Safewalk in four different ways:

  1. You can call Safewalk at 780 4 WALKME (780 492 5563) and request a walk. The dispatcher will gather some information from you, and a team will be ready to meet you at your preferred time. Feel free to call in advance!

  2. Stop one of our patrolling teams on the street. Our patrollers are friendly, and here to help. Requests on the street for walks are no trouble at all!

  3. Visit the Safewalk office located in room 0-74 in the Student Union Building's (SUB) basement and request a walk in person.

  4. Click here to book a walk online

Will you walk me if I'm drunk?

Yes! As of September 2014, Safewalk teams will now walk people who have consumed alcohol, provided you as a client are able to stand, walk, and speak without assistance.

I see Safewalk teams walking around doing nothing, what gives?

Safewalk promotes a safe and accessible campus for everyone, through our service of accompanying you on your travels as well as patrolling campus as additional eyes and ears for Protective Services. While a Safewalk team does not have a client, they patrol set zones within North Campus and the surrounding neighborhoods to make campus feel safer!

I'm too wimpy to volunteer with Safewalk! Would I still be a good candidate for Safewalk?

Anyone can fit in with our service! We are a proactive and non-interventionist service, believing fully in the "safety in numbers" code. Everyone can find a fit within our service, just ask us how!

What do I do if Safewalk is closed but I need a walk?

Please contact the U of A Protective Services to request an escort on North Campus outside Safewalk's regular hours, including during the daytime on weekends, by calling 780-492-5050

What do you ask of clients?

We have a fairly simple and easy to use service, but here are some tips to help things go smoothly!

  • Please have your pickup location and destination known before calling.
  • Be respectful of our patrollers and dispatchers and their time, they're there to help you.
  • Plan ahead: if you book your walk ahead of time, there's a far less chance that we won't have an available team than if you want a walk immediately.
  • Be accessible: Many buildings are locked at night and it is easiest if you can meet our team at the doors of your building. As well, if there is a problem such as your team not being able to find you or they will be late, our Dispatcher will call you.
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780 4 WALKME
(780 492 5563)



Mondays: 7pm to 12am
Tuesdays: 7pm to 12am
Wednesday: 7pm to 12am
Thursday: 7pm to 12am
Fridays: 7pm to 12am

Please note that we will be closed on March 7th, 2024. Thanks for understanding and our apologies for the inconvenience.

Please note, services are subject to closure in instances of extreme weather conditions.

Please contact U of A Protective Services to request an escort on North Campus outside Safewalk's regular hours, including during the daytime and on weekends, by calling 780-492-5050.


Safewalk Office
Student Life Central 0-74SUB
Students' Union Building
University of Alberta
8900 - 114 Street NW
Edmonton, AB
T6G 2J7