Two weeks remaining: crunch time

Emerson Csorba - Mon Nov 07, 2011

We’ve hit the stretch run with the Undergraduate Research Symposium, and as such last week was a hectic one. Only 10 days remain between now and the night of the symposium dinner and keynote. I'm feeling a bit of stress and pressure building, but that is part of the fun after all.

Just last week, we raised a solid $8000 from many different faculties providing financial support for student research awards. Additionally, the Undergraduate Research Symposium Team has done a stellar job accomplishing a handful of different tasks, from reviewing student abstract submissions (approximately 130 of them overall) to developing a list of awards to be provided by the Students’ Union. We also worked with CAPS to provide a “Certificate of Discovery and Innovation,” which will be provided to the 110-130 or so students participating in the poster competition. The SU Marketing Department has been unbelievable as well. The quality of their work is impeccable.

I feel confident about the work that we have done in only the first year of the symposium, but I realize that there is still plenty of work cut out for us. The goal all along has been to make the first edition of the symposium a great one, and I feel that this is attainable. With the stretch run here, we have the opportunity to see this vision through.