Two month mark: What is left?

Emerson Csorba - Fri Feb 17, 2012

It's hard to believe that only two months remain in the term. It has been a successful year thus far, and I am proud of the accomplishments of our executive. From the work done on mandatory non-instructional fees, to the World Record for dodgeball, extensive research into a fall reading week, the success of both the Undergraduate Research Symposium and Canadian Roundtable on Academic Materials, and the revamped menu and food quality at SU businesses, there have been many high points. Although many of our major goals have been accomplished, there is still a lot left to do. These final ten weeks are going to be full tilt, and I will do everything possible to squeeze every last drop out of them. Here are some of the things to look forward to over this period:

  1. I am working on completing the Student Attributes Plan. Once this is all said and done, I will take it to every department chair individually, which is a tall task. There are dozens upon dozens of department chairs across the university, but this is what much of March will be for.

  2. Seeing a highly contested election was one of my goals, even during the March 2011 election prior to even becoming Vice-President (Academic). I have said on numerous occasions that if at least three students do not run for VPA, then I take that as a failure on my part to create enough awareness and interest amongst the student body. If, however, three or more students run, that is simply how things should be.

  3. The AcaDream Team is up and running strong, and we have a handful of initiatives that will be undertaken over the next two months.

  4. Today marks the beginning of an intensive two-month period of building up an International Students' Association. It is hard to believe that we have student faculty associations, but no association that represents international students in particular.

  5. One of the major takeaways from CRAM is that we will now be meeting on a monthly to bimonthly basis with many of Canada's major publishing companies. This dialogue, along with the renewed Bookstore Advisory Group, will provide advocacy opportunities that previously did not exist.

  6. Starting on February 22, the Students' Union is starting up a once-per-week Fitness for Lunch program. I'm really looking forward to this.

  7. Transition is vital. Whoever is the next VPA will have an intensive two months of transition. I'm already 4000 words into a transition document for the next VPA, and I'm creating a dynamic program that will allow the next VPA to hit the ground running come May.

  8. As Chair of the Council of Faculty Associations Strategic Planning Committee, we are working away at crafting a new strategic plan, to be tabled at the March 31 CoFA retreat.

  9. Following a successful Lobby Training last week, I'm thinking about hosting a second edition of Lobby Training for the incoming Students' Council members, faculty association leaders, GFC student representatives and members of other student groups.

  10. Lastly, I'll be working with the SU’s Marketing Department to create an Undergraduate Research Symposium Final Report to be distributed to community members across the University of Alberta campuses.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at Talk soon, and enjoy a relaxing reading break!