Plebiscites and Referenda

General Information on Plebiscites & Referenda

A plebiscite is a vote, open to all Students' Union members except the CRO, held on a given question but that is not binding, while a referendum is a vote, open to all Students' Union members except the CRO, held on a given question and whose result is legally binding upon the Students’ Union.

Click here for full details of the Plebiscites & Referenda for 2022

Initiating a Plebiscite or Referendum Question

There are two methods in which a question may be initiated. The first method is for Students' Council to declare a plebiscite or referendum will be held. The second method is for an individual member of the Students' Union to collect names, identification numbers and signatures of other members on a petition.

Plebiscite and Referendum questions can only appear on the ballot of a general election. Plebiscite and Referendum questions cannot be on the ballot of any by-elections. In order for a question to be placed on this year's ballot, a valid petition of signatures MUST be submitted to the CRO no later than the start of February. See Students' Union Bylaw 2200 for precise rules/date regarding plebiscites/referenda. Please contact the CRO for further questions.

If you are interested in proposing a plebiscite or referendum question, it is strongly recommended that you speak to the CRO as soon as possible, as there are many additional details surrounding plebiscites and referenda that you should be aware of well in advance.

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