Step 4

Step 4

Step 4: Get recognized and take stock

Whoa. You've done a lot. Now it's time for you to get recognized. The benefit of being recognized is not adding trophies and plaques to your mantle, but using the application processes and any follow up to reflect on what you have learned and to practice communicating your experiences and skills.

Receiving recognition itself should not be the goal of your involvement, but should instead come as a deserved acknowledgement from the community in for all of your contributions. In the same way that listing titles on your résumé without descriptions is futile, awards and recognition should serve as a tool to help you reflect on the value of your involvement and to develop your understanding of it within any wider contexts.

To take stock of all you have learned due your involvement, reflect on the following prompts: - what involvement have you devoted the most time to? Enjoyed the most? - is your involvement connected to your personal, professional, or academic goals and interests? If so how has it supported your endeavours? - what is the biggest piece of learning you have taken away from your involvement? - what skills do you have now that you can attribute to learning them from your involvement outside of classes? - who were you before your involvement at the U of A? Who do you think you are now?

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