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Rowan Ley

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I’ve been around campus for five years, and from discovering my passion for history to finding community in the debate and karate club, this community has given me so much. I got involved in the Students’ Union to give back, and to make sure today’s new students have an even better experience than I did. It’s been the biggest honour of my time here to spend the last two years serving as the Board of Governors representative and then VP External. I worked on issues like stopping tuition deregulation, making the Board more transparent, and raising public awareness about how cutting U of A hurts Alberta. In a time of brutal cuts and COVID, it has been a crazy time to work in student governance, but working with amazing teams I was lucky to be part of some big advocacy wins.

I want to serve as President to make a difference in campus’s biggest issues. U of A’s antiquated grading system, inaccessibility to students with dependents, and dysfunctional sexual assault response have been issues for my whole time here, and the failure of online delivery needs to be urgently addressed. That’s why I’m running on an ambitious platform of modernizing our grading system by creating an opt-in pass/fail system like exists at UBC, U of T, and McGill, bringing student-friendly childcare to campus, fighting unfair fees, and much more. I hope I can earn your vote! To learn about me and my plan for the SU, visit

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