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General Faculties' Council Candidates (3 seats available):

Alizeh Ansari

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Hello wonderful UAlberta student-mates! My name is Alizeh Ansari and I am running to represent the Faculty of Education as a General Faculties Councillor for the 2017/2018 year.

Currently, I am serving as the Social Media Commissioner for the Education Student Association (ESA) as well as the Vice-President Secretary of The Shack’s Student Group (not to be confused with The Shack itself which is an independent maker-space at the University of Alberta in CCIS L2-209). Both platforms celebrate education, student inter-connectedness and community and has given my useful and important insight to the workings of student governance and students’ voices.

I recognize that there is a lack of representation, involvement and connectedness within the Education Faculty and as a GFC, I hope to narrow these imbalances. My nature is to listen and help and with my ongoing involvement and experience with these platforms, I am confident that I can facilitate meaningful and transparent representation on the council. On Wed Oct 4 & Thurs Oct 5, vote for Alizeh! #Education #OneLove

Gohar Jamal

Hello friends,

My name is Gohar Jamal, and I wish to be your voice in the General Faculty Council. I am a humble immigrant, born in the slums of Pakistan, and have through perseverance and hard work, have been able to climb up the social later, and now enter the world of politics. Currently, I am an ambitious 3rd year Secondary-Education student, with a major in English and a minor is Religious and Moral Education. I believe that my background as an immigrant will allow me to accurately represent minorities in my faculty; however, I recognize my limitations, and the diverse range of opinions present within the faculty as well, and thus will continue to have an ongoing conversation with the students I represent to know how they will want me to vote on important issues. In the past, I have worked alongside the Education Student Association, and although my experience in a leadership role are lacking, I have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very short career. Skills that make me a potential candidate for people like you. If you don’t vote for me now that will be the end of it; I will not look out for you, I will not represent you. But if you do vote for me then I will find you, and I will represent you. Also I have a twin.

Amy Li

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Amy Li is young and dedicated, with a burning passion to get involved. She moved to Edmonton with her family at the age of 7 and has been a Edmontonian ever since. Aside from studies and other familial responsibilities, Amy has a love for badminton, and has been playing for over 8 years. After volunteering with the ESA office, Amy wanted to make a difference. A spark was ignited and with encouragement from friends, she went on to volunteer with teaching adult ESL, and to volunteer with children in the Running & Reading club. Currently, she is a 3rd year undergraduate Bed student, and a chef at Dorinku on Whyte.

“I used to volunteer in a science lab here at the UofA, and I worked on a project about making water filtration devices from simple household materials –this was a project to help people find out if their water source was contaminated, to help them have access to fresh water, to help people living in resource limited areas in the world.” Amy’s interdisciplinary work was and still is driven by her care for people.

Amy has been recently elected as the tutor commissioner in the Faculty of Education; however, as ambitious as she is, she would once again appreciate your support as she runs for a position in the General Faculty Council, as an advocate and voice for Education students.

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