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Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Centre is a unit in the SU Student Services that formed in May 2015. This unit was previously known as Leadership & Recognition. The purpose of the unit is to develop and deliver leadership training on campus and recognize the outstanding student leaders on campus. LEAD Centre is responsible for the Emerging Leaders Program, the Alberta Student Leadership Summit, the Applied Leadership Program, Stride Campaign School, and On-Demand Training.

We also provide customized training to student groups on a range of topics including leadership, conflict resolution, and self-care. To contact us to see how we can work with you, click here!


Dayna Wallington

Program Lead - LEAD Centre

Dayna is the Program Lead for the LEAD Centre at the Students’ Union. As a Program Lead, she is responsible for the development and planning of the Emerging Leaders Program, the Applied Leadership Program, the Alberta Student Leadership Summit, Stride Campaign School, and various training workshops. Dayna has an aptitude for facilitation and loves being able to connect with different student groups around campus. She’s also a self-proclaimed “freak for creating excel sheets.” Dayna is originally from Tisdale, Saskatchewan (if you haven’t heard of it, it serves as the inspiration for the TV show Corner Gas). She recently convocated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science majoring in psychology and minoring in nutrition. While she misses the Saskatchewan sunsets, she has grown to like Edmonton and notes a favourite part as seeing all the bunnies on campus and in the river valley. If Dayna isn’t working hard in Student Life Central, she’s usually embroidering, listening to true crime podcasts, or attempting to break her record for most hotdogs eaten in one day. That record is 32, by the way.

Abigail Isaac

Coordinator - Student Development

Abigail is a Student Development Coordinator for the LEAD Centre at the Students’ Union. As a LEAD Centre coordinator, her role involves developing and delivering programming including the Stride Campaign School, and the Alberta Student Leadership Summit (ASLS). To Abby, leadership is something that always exists within a collective, and she sees sharing stories and different lived experiences as one of the most effective ways of learning, leading, and expressing oneself. As such, she loves writing, and some of her favorite writers are James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, and Audre Lorde. While born and raised in Edmonton, Abby has roots in Ethiopia and Eritrea, which may or may not be the reason as to why she enjoys eating an irresponsible amount of mangoes and mango flavoured things (particularly bubble tea). As a violinist and avid reader, you can almost always catch her with tea, a book, and a good playlist (likely featuring Lauryn Hill). Abby is going into her fourth year pursuing a degree in Political Science and Economics, and is especially passionate about gender, migration, and conflict studies.

Navneet Chand

Coordinator - Student Development

Navneet is a Student Development Coordinator for the LEAD Centre at the Students’ Union. Through his role, Navneet is responsible for collaborating with fellow coordinators on the development, coordination, and facilitation of a multitude of LEAD Centre events and programs. With the current active programming at the LEAD Centre, Navneet takes a central role with programs such as Leadership Volunteer Training (LVT) and the Stride Campaign School Mentorship Program. When it comes to leadership, Navneet strongly believes that leadership education and opportunities need to be accessible, diversely-informed, and developed around a sustainable model of reinvesting leadership teachings back into the communities with which leaders belong. To Navneet, leadership is a collaborative act that needs to be bold and dynamic in its commitment to communal solidarity. Navneet enjoys delving into his curiosity for interdisciplinary fascinations whether it’s through a book he can’t put down, a live performance he can’t look away from, or a conversation with friends over steaming cups of tea that wishes would never end. Navneet is completing his fourth year of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Women’s and Gender Studies. He is also a Peter Lougheed Leadership College Scholar.

Sinmiloluwa Ogunniran

Coordinator - Student Development

Sinmiloluwa is a Student Development Coordinator for the LEAD Centre at the Student’s Union. In this role, she is responsible for the facilitation and development of various LEAD Centre programs. Currently, Sinmiloluwa oversees the Emerging Leaders Program as well as the Stride Campaign School Facilitation and Administration. The definition of leadership Sinmiloluwa identifies most with is “You don’t have to hold a position in order to be a leader” — Henry Ford. Sinmiloluwa believes that leadership is the way we take advantage of the resources and opportunities available to us as individuals no matter how big or small they are to bring real change to our communities. As an international student with Nigerian roots and a former resident of International House, Sinmiloluwa has been exposed to diverse communities that she believes will help every one of us gain global perspectives on leadership. In her spare time, Sinmiloluwa likes to find new Korean Dramas to watch and trying out new restaurants. Sometimes you may find her picking up a new book or watching food network.

Camilla Osman

Learning & Development Specialist

Camilla is the Learning & Development Specialist at the Student’s Union. She works on projects related to the learning and development of SU staff such as creating courses, developing and modifying training, and consultation. Camilla greatly enjoys connecting with students, being involved with the campus community, and promoting student wellbeing. When she doesn’t have her nose in a book, she can be found listening to podcasts, experimenting with recipes (sometimes, with disastrous consequences), or rock climbing at her favourite local gym. Camilla also has an obsession with corgis (she adamantly believes that they are the cutest creatures on the planet), and her day will always be brightened with corgi sightings on walks or on social media. Camilla recently convocated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and sociology.

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