Campus Events Card

Campus Events Card

What is the Campus Events Card?

Basically, come to our events, and you get free things. The Campus Events Card is the loyalty program for UASUevents. First thing to know: there is no physical card - everything is tied to your OneCard. We know that no one has room in their wallet, so don't worry about needing to carry around another card.  

But, what's the deal? Every time you come to an event hosted by UASUevents, make sure to talk to some members of the Events Crew (they'll be near the door in blue), and get your card scanned. Currently we're running three giveaways:

  1. Sign up? Free coffee. - Every month that you come to at least one UASUevent, you will get a free coffee. *Note: we might change the giveaway in the future, but there will always be a giveaway for everyone once a month.
  2. Every time you get your card swiped, you get another entry into the monthly prize pool. This month (September) we are giving away two Wireless Bluetooth Speakers by Anker. The monthly prize will be different each month, and we'll announce it at the start of the month.
  3. There will be other ways to get either monthly prize entries or instant rewards. From time to time we will send out surveys, or if you see our Events Crew around campus, come say hi and they might just have a giveaway for you.

Something else to keep in mind: attendees of our regular events, events like Movie Night or Room at the Top Trivia, once and a while we will send out surveys to get your opinion on what our movies should be that month, or what our themed trivia night should be.

As this is the first year of the program, things might change up as we go as we test out new things. At anytime, feel free to send us an email at if you have ideas or feedback for us.

Ok, what's the catch? So like any program like this, there is a bit of a catch. By signing up for the Campus Events Card, you are added to our Newsletter Mailing List. But we're just like you, we know that there is a ton of emails going out on campus. We promise to do our best to only send a max of one newsletter email per week and no more than one other email relating to the Campus Events Card. You do have to stay signed up to the list to get the reward Campus Event Card emails. 

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