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Suite ambassadors are considered to be Level 2 volunteers. This means that all of
the opportunities that are available to general volunteers are also available to suite ambassadors; this means Chuck a Puck selling, 50/50 fundraisers, and various other fundraising initiatives. In addition to all of these opportunities, suite ambassadors are able to host a suite at Rogers Place. Most responsibilities remain the same, but there will be some instances where responsibilities change depending on the event that you are working.
Responsibilities include:
• Taking on the role of a host! Bring your personality to the suite, be hospitable, speak to the chaperones, make all the participants feel welcome
• Bring back stories! Let us know how participants heard of us, how they got
this opportunity, and how it has impacted them
• Your cellphone number will be provided to one or more of the chaperones attending the event, it is your responsibility to get in contact with them
• Take pictures of the event and the youth in attendance, with their permission
of course
• Have the youth in attendance sign a thank you card that will be given to the
donor of the suite
• It is not your job to babysit or take care of the youth in the suite, there are
chaperones with them for that
Remember, you are representing Kids Up Front so it is important that you conduct yourself in a professional manner and be ready to answer any questions you may be asked as a representative.

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