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There are around 2.9 million individuals with various forms of mental disabilities in Kenya. These Kenyans face many obstacles in their daily lives since many communities still consider mental disability an ailment caused by witchcraft and black magic. These individuals are more than capable of developing useful skills given adequate support. The current education system is unable to support young adults who have mental disabilities since they cannot enrol in an ordinary secondary school and are often too old to attend primary schools.

A Center for people with special needs in Kiambu County was established in 2010 to help individuals with disabilities aged 16 to 50 years. It is a vocational training center that offers support for these individuals and their families. There are around 40 Kenyans enrolled in this center who have different disabilities including Autism and Down Syndrome. The students are divided and grouped into classes depending on their abilities, and they are trained on important vocational skills such as beadwork, baking, farming, activities of daily living among others.

The mission of this center is to make a difference in the life of young adults with special needs and disabilities by helping them become self-reliant and easing their integration into mainstream life without fear of stigmatization.

Volunteer tasks:
• Assisting in teaching of various subjects (mathematics, language, writing, computer skills)
• Promoting core activities such as such as drawing, sewing, beadwork, gardening
• Support with activities of daily living such as cleaning, personal hygiene
• Organizing extra-curricular activities such as sports and nature walks
• Provision of guiding and counseling services to the students

For more information, please go to: https://cadip.org/volunteering-in-kenya

For programs in other countries check out: https://cadip.org


Participants should have a positive attitude, be ready to adopt and enjoy simple living conditions, be flexible and patient.


There will be a 3-day orientation seminar for new volunteers including Nairobi city introduction. The orientation starts on the first Monday of every month. It is recommended that volunteers arrive at least one day before the orientation starts.


Participation in an international project can be valuable – and often essential – to your studies or professional realization. Many of our volunteers are professionals in training or researchers looking to build their skill set. Current and future social workers, teachers, tutors, team leaders can benefit from one of our many projects in orphanages, social centers, and other people-oriented settings. Nurses and doctors frequently participate in our projects in medical centers, hospitals, or special needs facilities. Students take advantage of our environmental sustainability, biology, restoration, or archeology projects. The list is hardly exhaustive. A well-picked volunteer experience can inspire you, motivate your professional aspirations, give you hands-on experience, and build you up in ways impossible at a lecture or in the office.

After successful participation CADIP issues a certificate for the completed volunteer hours.

Duration: One Time
Faculty: ALES (Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences) All Faculties Arts Augustana Business Campus Saint-Jean Education Engineering Law Library and Information Studies Medicine and Dentistry Native Studies Nursing Pharmacy Public Health Rehabilitation Medicine Science
Location: Outside Canada


Name: Program coordinator
Phone: 604-628-7400
Email: cadip@cadip.org



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