Not sure what your registration status is for 2017-18?

Check your group registration here. Please be aware of the "Election Month" this sheet may contain your group's information for both 2017 and 2018.

Membership and Registration Levels

To start a student group, you need to have at least 10 members who are current students at the University of Alberta. If you're finding it hard to recruit members, we suggest using the BearsDen Organizations Directory to locate some existing groups with similar pursuits and seeing if anyone is interested. Contact SGS for more suggestions!

Every student group is registered first with the University of Alberta. Requirements for this recognition include:

  • General Membership must be at least 10 current students of the University of Alberta
  • General Membership, once it has met the 10 students minimum, must be at least 2/3 students when non-student members are permitted membership in the student group
  • All executive members for the student group must be current University of Alberta students.

You may also be able to register with the Students’ Union, Graduate Students Association or Campus Recreation. See the chart below for the different membership requirements.

  Membership Executive
Students' Union 2/3 must be U of A undergraduate students 100% must be current U of A students, and 75% must be Undergraduate Students
Graduate Students' Association 2/3 must be graduate students 75% must be graduate students
Campus Recreation Subject to Campus Rec approval Subject to Campus Rec approval

Benefits of Each Recognition Type

Benefits of Student Group Registration
All student groups registered with the University of Alberta are eligible for the following benefits:

  • Free booking of rooms and tables on campus
  • Discounted booking of SU venues like Dinwoodie Lounge & Dewey’s
  • Discounts at SUBPrint, on food at Room at the Top (RATT) & Dewey’s, and more with the Executive VIP Card
  • Access to up to $4000 worth of grants for your group per year
  • Access to events hosted by SGS and the Students' Union, such as Clubs Fair & the Alberta Leadership Summit
  • Ticket distribution for events through InfoLink
  • Credibility as a recognized student group at the University of Alberta
  • Potential insurance coverage
  • Ability to rent projectors, tables, & more from Student Group Services

However, if you meet the additional requirements of registration with the Students' Union or the Graduate Students' Association, your group can access benefits such as:

Benefits of Students' Union registration

  • All the benefits of U of A registered groups
  • Access to renting office and storage space in SUB (offices, secure shelves, locked equipment cages)
  • Ability to apply for and receive Start Up and Re-Start grants
  • Discounted booking rates for Students' Union venues (Dinwoodie Lounge, Myer Horowitz Theatre, SUBstage, etc.)

Benefits of Graduate Students' Association registration:

  • All the benefits of U of A registered groups
  • Ability to apply for and receive GSA grants (again, your group must be academically related)

Registration Renewal Timeline

As per the Student Group Procedure, student groups will complete registration renewal annually, in conjunction with their election month. Student groups will now have until the end of the month following their election month (EM) to submit their registration online through BearsDen. For example, if your election is in March, you have until April 30th to submit your registration for review.

Timeline What Is This Date? How does it impact my club?
1st Day of EM - Last Day of Month Following Registration available on BearsDen Your Club's privileges are maintained, as long as an application for recognition renewal is received.
Last Day of Month After EM Deadline for registration form to be received. Your Club's privileges will be FROZEN after this date if no registration form received.
Last Day of 2nd Month After EM Deadline for Executive Training to be completed. If your registration has been approved, it is provisional* until training is completed. Your Clubs's privileges will be FROZEN after this date if training is not completed.

Provisional Recognition means that your club can start to book rooms, apply for grants, etc., as long as your registration form was submitted on time. If your club submits a registration application late, your privileges will remain FROZEN until your application is approved, and your Executive Training is complete.

Frozen? What's Frozen?
Student groups that have not submitted their registration by the end of their registration period, or who have not completed their Executive Training, will have their BearsDen profiles frozen. This means that the following privileges will be suspended (note that this list is not exhaustive and other privileges can also be withheld for unregistered groups):

  • Event hosting
  • On-Campus Room booking
  • Access to Student Group Grants and other campus granting programs

If a previously registered group goes unrecognized for more than 6 months following their election month (eg. September 1st in our example), SGS will consider the group to be INACTIVE. Students wishing to re-activate the student group must contact Student Group Services directly.

Student Group Policies

Knowing your responsibilities as a registered student group is important. For this reason, all groups are required to sign a Liability Agreement. By signing this agreement as part of your student group registration, you are acknowledging that you have read the policies that pertain to student groups at the University of Alberta and agree to abide by them.

Main Student Group Policies

Other Applicable Policies

Additional Registration Requirements

Most student groups will not need their own insurance, but if your group is a registered non-profit organization or other legal entity, or is involved with many high risk activities, your group should have its own insurance policy. If your group does have its own insurance, you’ll need to provide proof of this to the SGS office. For more on the requirements for student group insurance, please see this document from University Insurance and Risk Assessment.

Bank Account
If your group will be handling any money, you will need to have a student group bank account. The bank account information should be submitted with the online form. If your group needs to start up a new bank account or transfer signing authorities, SGS will be happy to provide you with a letter of confirmation for your bank once all other registration steps have been completed. The only exceptions to this are groups whose funding is handled through a faculty or department on campus – if these apply, you may not be asked to set up an external account.

Affiliate Letter
In some cases, student groups that are closely affiliated with external organizations, charities, or businesses will be required to submit an affiliate letter with their registration. SGS will contact your group if this letter is required.

Anything Else
SGS will contact your group if we have need of any more information, or if we don’t fully understand the information submitted to us. Our office reviews all registration applications thoroughly so that we can provide the best possible service to student groups.

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