What are high-risk events?

What are high-risk events?

High Risk events are typically ones that involve alcohol, travel/transportation, physical activity, or a combination of the three. High Risk events are still ones that student groups can hold, however, it usually means that there are more risk management processes and procedures that need to be followed before approval will be granted. All High Risk event submissions are required to submit an Emergency Action Plan and Risk Assessment Plan to aid in the risk mitigation and assessment process. Read the sections below, and refer to this handy Process Map to see what additional requirements your high risk event might need!


A waiver is a legal contract between the participant and the host organization. The participant’s signature creates a binding contract where the participant gives away his/her right to sue. The purpose of your group having a waiver is to alert participants to any risks inherent in an activity, and to require the participant to take responsibility for his/her own actions in a voluntary activity. It works to limit your legal liability in event management.

Waivers for student groups can be individual participant waivers, sign-up sheets with a waiver statement at the top, or disclaimers printed on tickets or displayed at an event. The type of waiver your group will receive depends on the amount of risk involved in the activity.

Depending on your specific event, you may require waivers, ticket disclaimers, or display disclaimers for your event. Please fill out the Event Application form and if waivers or other risk management strategies are required, you will be notified by the SERM Coordinator. Waivers are typically required for events involving travel or physical activity, whereas ticket disclaimers are required for alcohol events. Click here for the Waiver Tip Sheet and the Waiver Cover Sheet.


For events involving alcohol, you will require your Primary Event Organizer (PEO) and Secondary Event Organizer (SEO) to both have valid Event Organizer Training and ProServe training (if you are holding an event at an On or Off-Campus Unlicensed Venue such as a community hall, classroom, atrium etc.). The form will also ask you for booking information for your venue, a copy of your tickets (with the ticket disclaimer language on them), general information about the event times/consumption times, and potential insurance information (depending on your venue – more detailed information can be found in the event form). You will also need to submit an Emergency Action Plan and Risk Assessment Plan (required for all high risk events).

The Student Event Risk Management Coordinator will review the event form and follow up with you via email if there is anything additional you’ll need to submit. On-Campus Liquor Permits (for events at On-Campus Unlicensed Venues) are usually $20.00 to $30.00, depending on your specific event, and should be budgeted for. Additional charges may apply depending on your group’s timeline and license/insurance requirements. The SERM will help you navigate these processes. The form should be filled out a minimum of 15 full business days prior to your event. If you are submitting this form later, you may be assessed a late fee for rush processing.

Travel & Transportation

If your group is having an event outside of the campus area (so outside of Edmonton – or outside of Camrose, if you’re an Augustana group), you need to get permission for this. The Off-Campus Activity and Travel Policy, approved in 2011, mandates this. For events involving travel outside of the city, province or country, you will need to submit Emergency Contact Information for all participants, as well as a detailed itinerary for your trip. Make sure to also submit an Emergency Action Plan and Risk Assessment Plan (required for all high risk events).

For travel outside of Canada, you will need to register your event/travel with the UAI Travel Registry “UGo”. The SERM will also inform you of any other requirements pertaining to risk management for your event.

Physical Activity

For events involving physical activity, you will need to submit an Emergency Action Plan and Risk Assessment Plan (required for all high risk events). Depending on the nature of the event, you may have other requirements or information requested of you prior to approval.

Please note that U of A and Students’ Union insurance does not cover the instruction of physical activity. If your group wants to bring in an instructor to teach a class (i.e. yoga), the yoga teacher will need to obtain/produce a copy of their insurance policy covering their instruction. For more information, please talk to the SERM Coordinator.

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