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Jennifer Yurkiw - Program Lead |

Intro/Background: Hey there! My name is Jenn Yurkiw (she/her) and I'm the Program Lead of the Peer Support Centre. I am a recent graduate of the University of Alberta with my BSc in Human Ecology, Family Studies.

I am.../I am not…: I am driven; I am not my labels

Self Care Practice: Self care is so important! Without a doubt my biggest form of self care is spending time with my dog! Whether it be just a few minutes in the backyard or going for long walks in the river valley, taking the time to focus my energy on another living being is a seriously amazing way to relieve stress! I also love travelling, camping and spending time at my cabin with my friends and family!

Tip to students: Maintaining a healthy balance in your schedule is an important step in managing stress. Prioritize balance when creating a study schedule, and make sure to include time for self-care and sleep! Be kind and patient with yourself when dealing with hard times, and always remember that asking for help is not a sign of weakness! It takes a lot of strength to recognize when you may need support.


Kasara Norenna - Volunteer Coordinator |

Introduction: Hi peeps! my name is Kasara Norenna (she/her) and I'm super excited to be this year's Volunteer Coordinator with the PSC! I'm currently finishing up my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology /Biological Sciences.

I am.../I am not…: I am adventurous. I am not my past mistakes.

Self Care Practice: It can be so hard to take time for yourself especially as a student, yet it is so important! My favourite self-care activities include running and weightlifting (for realz), Netflix binges, and hanging out with my partner. Oh and sleeping, can't forget sleeping.

Recommended Service/Event: There are so many! I recommend to get invovled and take advantage of everything our campus has to offer. Check out the farmers market organized by Sustain SU on Thursday afternoons in SUB, and be sure to try out the donuts if they have the booth set up. Go to a Golden bears or Pandas varsity game, did you know it's free for UofA students? There is so much to do on campus, you're sure to find something that will interest you.


Elliot Brooks - Outreach Coordinator |

Introduction: Hi there! I am Elliot Brooks (he/him) and this is my 4th year involved with the Peer Support Center, I am also working on my Bachelor of Arts, double major German and Psychology. I also enjoy playing guitar and banjo.

I am.../I am not…: I am trustworthy; I am not my past mistakes

Self Care Practice: I really enjoy going rock climbing and playing chess. Both of these activities take the focus off my stresses and directs my thoughts and physical energy into a more focused puzzle. This keeps me in the moment and helps to alleviate the built up stress from the day.

Recommended Service/Event: I would highly recommend checking out Sustain SU. They have lots of cool information on sustainability practices, a campus garden with fresh vegetables in the summer, and a bike library for the campus community to rent bikes or use their tools to mend your own bike!


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