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Name: Charlotte Thompson
Availibility: I am available during the daytime for the summer months, and in the evenings during the school year. Just reach out to me and we can schedule it!
Rate: $35.00
Courses: High School English 10, High School English 20, High School English 30, High School Math 10, High School Math 20, SPAN 111, EDU 100
Name: Krista Chew
Availibility: I'm generally flexible with my schedule. The only days I am not free are Tuesdays and Sundays. Feel free to contact me to arrange a time! :)
Rate: $12.00
Courses: EDU 100, KRLS 104, EDU 210, EDU 211, KIN 200, KIN 294, EDPY 413, KIN 207, KIN 245, KRLS 304
Name: Ashley Bhaskar
Availibility: Tuesdays: Anytime Thursdays: Anytime Fridays: After 2:00 pm. Weekends: Anytime. I am primarily tutoring online, however, depending on where you are located, I am open to in-person tutoring. Please reach out to me for more details.
Rate: $40.00
Courses: High School Science 10, High School Biology 20, High School Biology 30, High School Chemistry 30, High School Chemistry 20, High School Math 20, High School Math 30, High School Math 31, BIOL 107, BIOL 108, CELL 201, EDU 100, EDU 210, EDU 211, ZOOL 241, MATH 134, EDPY 301,
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