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Name: Maha Atif
Availibility: I'm an undergraduate student at the Alberta School of Business majoring in accounting and have gotten an A or A+ in the courses listed below. I loved taking all these courses and understand first hand how stressful the load can be so I'm confident I can help establish strategies for your success! My schedule is quite flexible so shoot me an email at matif2@ualberta.ca and I'm sure we can find a time and day that works.
Rate: $15.00
Courses: STAT 161, MGTSC 312, ACCTG 311
Name: Emily Venpin
Availibility: Graduated with distinctions in 2020 as well as completed my master in Accounting in 2021, I have been offering tutoring services for the past 4 years. Previously worked in Big 4 accounting firm and government. I will be available on weekday evenings & on mornings and afternoons on Saturdays and possibly on Sundays. I will charge the following rates for the following courses: -$35/hr in ACCTG 311,322 -$38/hr in ACCTG 414,415,424 -$40/hr in ACCTG 456,426 -$45/hr for ACCTG 467,418
Rate: $35.00
Courses: ACCTG 311, ACCTG 322, ACCTG 414, ACCTG 415, ACCTG 424, ACCTG 456, FIN 301,
Name: Victor Li
Availibility: Hi, my name is Victor. I am a 4th-year undergraduate student at the Alberta School of Business majoring in Accounting. I was one of the TAs of ACCTG 311 in Fall 2023 so I got good experience helping students be successful in the course. I can do both online and on-campus tutoring. Please reach me at vli1@ualberta.ca. I do speak English and Mandarin. :)
Rate: $20.00
Courses: ACCTG 311, JAPAN 101
Name: Eklovepreet Singh
Availibility: Timing is flexible, most likely in the morning & afternoon times. Reach out to me and I can schedule the sessions to your availability to my best! Hybrid options are always welcomed and available. Sessions can be operated virtually or in-person as per your preference. To schedule a meeting, please email me at: eklovepr@ualberta.ca or text/call at +1-7807086113. Also registered tutor with First Peoples' House.
Rate: $0.00
Courses: CHEM 103, CHEM 105, CH E 243, MEC E 464, ECE 209, ENG M 402, OM 352, ENG M 401, ACCTG 311, MARK 301, ECON 101, ECON 102, FIN 301, ENG M 501, AUMGT 311, AUMGT 322, SEM 310, AUMGT 310, EXLDR 5587, EXLDR 5624, BUEC 503, BUS 505, ENG M 530, ENG M 680, FIN 644, FIN 414, FIN 442, FIN 501, FIN 416, FIN 616, FIN 644, BUS 640, AUMGT 340, AUMGT 200, SEM 820, AUMGT 330, OM 502, OM 830, BTM 641, EXMGT 5577, MEC E 230, MEC E 250, MEC E 260, MEC E 265, MEC E 331, MEC E 340, MEC E 360, MEC E 362, MEC E 364, MEC E 371, MEC E 380, MEC E 430, MEC E 443, MEC E 451, MEC E 460, MEC E 480, MEC E 563, AUMGT 310, FIN 430, FIN 503, FIN 634, FIN 807, FIN 830, SEM 645, AUMGT 350, ENGG 260, ENG M 408, MEC E 466
Name: Hien Nguyen
Availibility: Hi, My name is Hien. I am an University of Alberta alumni, graduated from the School of Business with Distinction. I am currently working as an accountant in a Big 4 accounting firm. The best way to reach me is through my email: hpnguyen@ualberta.ca. I will do tutor online through Google Meet. My availability is on weekends.
Rate: $40.00
Courses: ACCTG 311
Name: Anshita Patel
Availibility: Generally available in the evenings over weekdays and flexible over weekends. Please e-mail for availability.
Rate: $35.00
Courses: ACCTG 311, ACCTG 412, STAT 151, ECON 101, ECON 102, ECON 281, FIN 301, FIN 412, FIN 413, MGTSC 312
Name: Toan Nguyen
Availibility: This semester, I will do online tutoring on Google Hangouts and Zoom. I am available in the evening, after 6:00 p.m. on weekdays, and flexible on weekends. Please contact me to arrange a meeting for the tutor at tmn@ualberta.ca
Rate: $40.00
Courses: ACCTG 311, MGTSC 312,
Name: Fardeen Faisal
Availibility: Flexible Schedule. Shoot me an email and we can work out a timing that works for the both of us. I personally prefer sessions online via Zoom/Google Meet. However, if you prefer in person sessions, I would be able to accommodate that as well for an extra $5/hr (subject to schedule availability)!
Rate: $25.00
Courses: CMPUT 174, CMPUT 175, CMPUT 256, CMPUT 272, CMPUT 274, CMPUT 291, ECON 101, CMPUT 267, ECON 213, CMPUT 301, ACCTG 300,
Name: Pankhuri Singla
Availibility: I have a flexible schedule throughout the week. Please email me if you wish to set up a meeting time. Prefer to tutor on campus.
Rate: $20.00
Courses: ECON 101, ECON 102, ACCTG 311,
Name: Kevin Zentner
Availibility: I am a dean's list graduate and published academic author, but my real passion is for helping students meet their academic potential through strategies that are multidisciplinary, repeatable, and appropriate for each student's learning style. I'm available evenings after 5:00pm and weekends either virtually or in-person. Feel free to reach out and see if my tutoring would be a good fit.
Rate: $30.00
Courses: ACCTG 300, ACCTG 311, ACCTG 322, BUEC 311, BUEC 342, BUEC 463, BUEC 444, MARK 301, MARK 312, MARK 320, MARK 468, MARK 432, MARK 455, MARK 472, HADVC 100, HADVC 206, HADVC 209, BUS 301, MIS 311,
Name: Vishal Vekaria
Availibility: Email or call me for more information. Saturday and Sunday i am available and sessions could be setup. I can meet on campus or online. Rates may differ based on the level of the individual courses (100,200,300 or 400 level)
Rate: $33.00
Courses: STAT 151, ECON 101, ECON 102, ACCTG 311, MGTSC 312, MARK 301,
Name: Eugene Lee
Availibility: I am fairly flexible with times, however, I only offer online sessions. For ACCTG 311,322 I charge $30 an hour For ACCTG 414,415,424,456,467,418 I charge $35 an hour. For ACCTG 468 I charge $45 an hour. I provide discounts for students who have tutored with me before
Rate: $30.00
Courses: ACCTG 311, ACCTG 322, ACCTG 414, ACCTG 415, ACCTG 424, ACCTG 456, ACCTG 468, ACCTG 418, ACCTG 467
Name: Sam Ferrey
Availibility: Saturdays (mornings, early afternoons) and Thursday after 6 PM Other times may be available on request
Rate: $60.00
Courses: ACCTG 311, ACCTG 414, ACCTG 415, ACCTG 418, ACCTG 467, ACCTG 468, OM 352, ACCTG 322, ACCTG 424
Name: Ishan Arora
Availibility: Hello! I'm available to tutor on all days of the week. The sessions will be held virtually (over zoom, google meet, skype) or can be in person, whatever works best for the both of us. I'm flexible and would be more than happy to make a schedule after considering your availability. To get in touch, please email me at iarora2@ualberta.ca Good luck on all your classes! I am looking forward to helping you out. Please get in touch if you feel the need.
Rate: $23.00
Courses: High School Math 30-1, High School Social Studies 30-1, ECON 101, ECON 102, SOC 100, STAT 161, MATH 154, ENGL 103, ACCTG ACCTG 311, MARK 301, SOC 269, EDPS 425
Name: Brian Hui
Rate: $None
Courses: MATH 125, MATH 156, MATH 225, ACCTG 311, ACCTG 322, ECON 101, FIN 422, ACCTG 414, MATH 228, ECON 281
Name: Kyle Aseron
Availibility: Weekdays (6 pm - 10 pm) and weekends (9 am - 10 pm). Don't hesitate to text or email me if you have any questions!
Rate: $30.00
Courses: High School Chemistry 20, High School Math 20, High School Math 30, High School Math 31, High School Physics 20, CHEM 103, CHEM 105, ENGL 199, CH E 243, CH E 343, CH E 345, CME 265, ECE 209, ECON 204, ENG M 401, MAT E 202, STAT 151, ACCTG 300,
Name: Michael Heung
Availibility: I have a very flexible schedule!
Rate: $25.00
Courses: ANTHR 101, STAT 252, ECON 102, ECON 281, ECON 282, BUS 201, B LAW 301, MIS 311, ACCTG 311, ACCTG 415, ACCTG 424, ACCTG 467, SMO 310
Name: Kane Smith
Availibility: I am generally available in the afternoon on most weekdays. Email me to discuss availability!
Rate: $25.00
Courses: High School Math 10, High School Math 20, High School Math 30, High School Math 31, ECON 101, ECON 102, FIN 301, ACCTG 311, ACCTG 322, ACCTG 424

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