Pronoun Resources

Pronoun Resources

What are pronouns?

A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun - I, me, you, she, he, they, ze, etc. Pronouns are how we refer to people when we are not using their names and they are just as important as using someone’s correct name when referring to them.

In English, we often use pronouns to refer to someone’s gender and our pronoun usage has historically emphasized a binary construction of gender. In our society, we often make assumptions about the pronouns and gender of another person based on that person’s name or appearance. However, these associations are not always accurate and are often harmful. Because there are more than two genders, it’s important for us to learn, respect, and consider non-binary and gender neutral pronouns as well.

Research and Resources:

The Landing/ISMSS Campus Climate Survey on Sexual and Gender Diversity

The Landing: Ask My Pronouns Campaign

U of A Libraries: Equity, Diversity, & Inclusivity: Library Resources

UASU Political Policy: Resolutions on Gender and Pronouns

Downloads for Sharing

Filename Date
Pronoun IG Grid Cover Oct. 29, 2021
PronounStory-WhatArePronouns Oct. 29, 2021
PronounStory-Practice-2 Oct. 29, 2021
PronounStory-Practice-1 Oct. 29, 2021
PronounStory-Multiple-2 Oct. 29, 2021
PronounStory-Multiple-1 Oct. 29, 2021
PronounStory-Mistakes Oct. 29, 2021
PronounStory-Importance-2 Oct. 29, 2021
PronounStory-Importance-1 Oct. 29, 2021
PronounStory-HowDoIKnow Oct. 29, 2021
PronounStory-Highlight-Cover Oct. 29, 2021
PronounStory-GenderNeutral-2 Oct. 29, 2021
PronounStory-GenderNeutral-1 Oct. 29, 2021
Pronoun Grid SwipeInfo Oct. 29, 2021
Pronoun-11x17 Posters Oct. 29, 2021

Printable table-top name tag with pronouns: Printable for free at SUBprint for any UAlberta professor or instructor.

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