Awareness Posters

Awareness Posters

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These posters were prepared for the Gender-Based Violence Prevention Project and designed in The Studio, the Students' Union's design department.

Full-sized PDFs of the posters are available for download for use in educational institutions. The PDFs include an appropriate attribution, with space for individual institutions to add a logo and a web address. Please do not add anything else to the images, or otherwise alter them. Please contact us if you have any questions, and let us know that you downloaded the posters, we like to keep track!

"Resisting Rape Culture" Series

This suite of posters uses the familiar motif of a pie chart to make it clear that there is only one answer to questions like “What is the appropriate use of the word “rape”?”

"Consent Awareness" Ad

This “Moustache Campaign” poster features 2013/2014 Students' Union President Petros Kusmu.

"Consent Is A Conversation" Series

To reinforce the idea that consent is an ongoing conversation, this suite of posters uses actual conversations to make their point.

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