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Quickly Growing private psychology practice in S-SW Edmonton is looking for a friendly, hard-working, 3rd-4th year undergrad or first year grad student who is psychologically minded, who excels at written and verbal communication, and who, most of all, is highly motivated to learn. The position is considered to be a mutually beneficial volunteer position, requiring light to medium amounts of admin support work in addition to possibly some mild work scoring assessments and questionnaires (with aid from the therapist). In return, the director and lead psychologist (registered for over 15 years) will be available most days to answer any questions the student might have about psychology, private practice, getting into various Masters Programs, as well as starting, running and marketing a small business. The psychologist is even available for some light tutoring from time to time, and, most importantly, if the director/psychologist believes, after a time, that you have what it takes to get into a grad school, she would be MORE than happy to write you a , highly sought-after , referral letter that you will require in order to move on to the next step in your professional development and/or career. And if you chose to take a break from school and decide to go to work, she is also more than happy to write you a glowing recommendation letter for a possible employee. OR there is even a strong possibility that, should you wish to continue on with Brighter Path Psychology after convocation, that this position could turn into a more permanent , more full or part time paid position should you so wish.

The student volunteer would have the opportunity to work "closely" with an highly experienced registered psychologist. The student will provide administrative support to the growing clinic, answering or relying to phone calls, voicemails and fielding emails from clients, potential clients, insurance companies, WCB, lawyers, etc. The volunteer would also complete scheduling, billing, invoicing, and any other administrative tasks required by the psychologist and other therapists.
The hours are extremely flexible, and tasks can usually be done anytime within a 24-48 hour time frame. And if you feel overwhelmed with exams or projects, don’t worry, we can take back over for a week here and there! The position also offers/requires a great deal of working independently and the person we hire will need to become adept at doing what the job entails without being micromanaged or asked. (But please note: You will ALWAYS be free to ask questions if you aren’t sure what to do and we will actually be a bit concerned if you don’t, given that there is a somewhat steep learning curve right off the bat with this position!

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