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The Biological Centre and Natural Reserve in Quebradas are protecting the main water source, the flora and fauna of the area. International volunteers are invited to support the Biological Centre and Natural Reserve. The Reserve is located 3 km away from the centre of Quebradas (between 1000 and 2500 meters above sea level). The Reserve was created in 1989 as an answer to the problems of deforestation in the area. There's also an environmental education centre.
The main goals of the Reserve are:
- to stop the deforestation and preserve the basin of Las Quebradas River, which is the source of drinking water for the whole town of San Isidro and most of the region of Pérez Zeledón;
- to develop environmental education and awareness initiatives for children and the community;
- to establish various sustainable systems in order to guarantee the conservation of flora, fauna and water resources in the area;
- to become financially independent through ecotourism;
- to do research and to promote the support on conservation.

The Reserve is especially proud of the diversity of birds and butterflies that live in its forest. They have already constructed a butterfly farm to show all the different types of butterflies for the enjoyment of the visitors. Now, they also want to improve the bird watching opportunities in the area. Experts estimate that there are about 200 different birds in the protected area. The Biological Center wants to observe the habits of these birds in order to create leaflets about the types of birds that can be found in the area during the different times of the year. You can also find white-face monkeys and other small tropical mammals. The Biological Center also has a garden with medicinal plants, and they produce organic compost. In addition, within the 36 hectares of the Reserve, you can find a system of 4 trails, 3 of which have signs for educational guided tours.

The volunteer will join the conservation, protection and awareness work of the Reserve. Possible tasks for the volunteer:
• to maintain the garden of medicinal plants,
• to maintain the Butterfly Garden,
• to maintain the channel around the lagoon,
• to maintain the trails inside the Reserve,
• to clean and to maintain green areas,
• to make new informative wooden signs for the trails,
• to plant flowers and others on the access road,
• to paint and to maintain the buildings at the entrance of the Reserve.

Duration of the project:
1-4 weeks
More info: http://cadip.org/volunteer-in-costa-rica

1-5 months
More info: http://cadip.org/volunteering-in-costa-rica

Give us a call: 780-638-2500


Special requirements:
- to have the maturity to work following the rules in a responsible way,
- to be able to work on physically demanding tasks such as construction and maintenance of trails,
- to be able to live in simple conditions and be willing to eat the typical food, probably rice and beans with vegetables every day,
- to be able to adapt to a different culture and manners,
- to be ready to walk uphill for 45 minutes every morning in order to get to the project site and walk back to the host family in town after finishing work every afternoon.


An orientation will take place in San José on the first day of the project.


A volunteer experience may give you ideas or a push in deciding your professional aspirations - one of the most important and difficult decisions one should make in life. It can make stronger your motivation or give you additional inspiration in what you are studying or working. And most important, by being a volunteer you gain the hands-on experience you will hardly get at lectures or at the office desk. In a volunteer project you can have such an involving and inspiring time!
After successful participation CADIP issues a certificate for the completed volunteer hours.

Duration: One Time Ongoing
Faculty: ALES (Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences) All Faculties Arts Augustana Business Campus Saint-Jean Education Engineering Law Library and Information Studies Medicine and Dentistry Native Studies Nursing Pharmacy Public Health Rehabilitation Medicine Science
Location: Outside Canada


Name: Program coordinator
Phone: 604-628-7400
Email: cadip@cadip.org



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