Bylaws and Policies

Bylaw 600

A Bylaw Respecting Students’ Union Bilingualism

1 Translation Requirements

  1. The following governing documents of the Students’ Union shall be made publicly available in both English and French:
    1. Bylaw; and
    2. Political Policy.

2 Process

  1. The Translation Committee shall be responsible for the creation and maintenance of governing documents in French:
    1. The Committee shall begin translation of all new bylaws and policies, or changes thereof, at the first opportunity following their approval by Students’ Council;
      1. The completion of translation of governing documents by Translation Committee shall be completed no later than three (3) months after their passage.
    2. The Committee shall obtain an annual translation audit of all governing documents that have been created or modified in the Council year;
      1. The audit shall be executed by a certified professional translator
      2. The Committee shall begin to rectify inconsistencies noted by the audit at the first opportunity.
        1. The rectification of inconsistencies shall be completed no more than two (2) months after Translation Committee receives the results of the audit.

3 Enforceability

  1. Students’ Council shall debate the English version of first and second readings of Bylaw and Political Policy.
  2. The English version of governing documents shall be enforceable.
    1. When discrepancies arise between the two translations, the English version shall take precedence.