Vice President (Student Life)

Candidates for Vice President (Student Life)

Talia Dixon

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Hi! My name's Talia Dixon and I am running to be your next VP Student Life (VP SL)!

My platform provides comprehensive solutions for addressing sexual assault on campus through campus-wide bystander prevention training and increased supports for survivors, improved mental health supports by making our supports culturally inclusive and more accessible. I also have plans to host events that will bring us together after COVID and to fight for a better meal plan while lowering residence rates. Finally, I want to make campus more inclusive for women, students who parent, the LGBTQ+ community and religious groups.

As your VP SL, I’m leaving no one behind in my work to build a better UofA and make sure that the campus you come back to is better than the one you left.!

My goals are ambitious and they should be. As a fourth-year arts student who has lived, worked and volunteered on this campus I know we deserve more!

My two years as SU Arts Councillor, and experience on the Policy, Bylaw, Nominating, Finance and ARRC Committees, as Chair of the Sustainability Committee and member of the Student Refugee Program Board have prepared me for the role of VP SL. Additionally, my experience as VP Events Finance for the Political Science Undergraduate Students Association and OASIS Councillor has given me the experience to make these goals a reality! I have the experience and the passion to ensure that students' needs are being addressed.

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Daniela Carbajal

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Daniela Carbajal is in her third year in a BSc in psychology and is running to be your next UASU VP Student Life. Daniela has and continues to value the involvement of the larger student body in governance. Her nominations came from students from 10 faculties, three campuses, and ranging five years.

This year, Daniela sits as the VP Student Life of her campus & faculty association, a SU Student Council representative, on the General Faculties Council, and as the Chair of the ISA Refugee Committee.

Outside of governance, Daniela volunteers much of her time, including running a non-profit organization in two provinces. For two years, she has been an International Senior Peer Mentor, among many other projects. She has won multiple leadership and diversity awards for her work in the community.

Having been raised in Mexico with indigenous heritage and now a domestic student at the UofA, Daniela truly understands domestic, indigenous, and international students' needs and issues. A passion for advocacy has led Daniela to empower students' voices that have been historically silenced by student governance.

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