Candidates for Vice President (Operations & Finance)

The Vice President (Operations and Finance) or 'VP OpsFi' is heavily involved in the high-level policy of the UASU's operations and finances, and is a primary advisor to the Executive Committee and management on operational and financial matters. The VP OpsFi oversees the portions of the UASU's budget processes that fall within the realm of the Executive Committee. If the President is not available, the VP OpsFi chairs the Executive Committee and can direct the General Manager. The VP OpsFi is often called on to participate in working groups and committees to refine the UASU's operations at a policy level. Working with the President, the VP OpsFi can be called on to be the UASU's spokesperson to the public and the media on policy and financial matters.

The candidates for the Winter 2024 UASU Elections for Vice President Operations & Finance are:

Joachim Bony

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My name is Joachim Bony, and I'm a third-year student at the School of Business and the Faculté Saint-Jean in a bilingual Bachelor in Commerce with a major in Business Economics and Law. In addition to being a student, I'm also a student representative. At the end of this year, I'll have completed my second term as Vice-President Operations and Finance of the Association des Universitaires de la Faculté Saint-Jean (AUFSJ), at the French-speaking campus of our university. In this position, I'm proud to have ensured AUFSJ's financial stability while supporting a remarkable revival of student life. For me, serving others is a lifelong mission and ambition. Every time I’ve had the honour, I've always held positions of student representation with pride and determination. In my last 3 years in university, I've seen and dealt with the difficulties shared by many students, from stress to financial challenges, to academic pressure, and the difficulty of accessing resources to cope with all these struggles. That's why I'm running for the Vice President of Operations and Finance position at UASU. For me, it's about addressing these challenges to improve our union so that it's visible to all of us. To continue to build a transparent union to develop a greater sense of accountability, and to help ensure a meaningful impact on all of us. A Students’ Union that we know better and that knows us too, that’s my vision for our UASU.

Levi Flaman

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Hello! Bonjour! My name is Levi Flaman, and I am both a University of Alberta alumnus having completed my Bachelor of Commerce through the Alberta School of Business last June, and currently an Open Studies student while serving as this year’s University of Alberta Students’ Union Vice-President Operations & Finance. And I have entered this year’s general election attempting to earn another term as your UASU VPOF for the 2024-25 academic year with three primary goals in mind if I am successful, along with a handful of secondary and tertiary goals. First, I intend to identify then reduce or eliminate operational inefficiencies within the organization leading to a reduction in both operational expenses and improved sustainability. Second, I will ensure that both the U-Pass Agreement and Single Source Cold Beverage Agreement are both thoroughly scrutinized and negotiated in a way to provide maximum utility for students ahead of putting those agreements before students to ratify in a March 2025 referendum. And third, I will ensure that a Value for Money Review, Compliance Review, and an Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity Review are completed within the term, and that a plan for enacting any recommendations provided are in place for our successors to use. If you would like to know more, find me on Linktree at, follow me on Instagram at @leviforopsfi, check out The Gateway’s election coverage at or drop by one of the election forums being held during the campaign period. Thank you! Merci!

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