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Esther Thieba

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An established advocate for student involvement and mental health, Esther Thieba prides herself in her belonging to the University of Alberta community and her outspokenness on student issues. She is currently completing a double degree in Psychology and Biological Sciences with the intent of being a national mental health spokesperson in the future. Additionally, Esther possesses connections to all three campuses: Her post-secondary journey began at the Augustana Campus, where she attended for a year prior to transferring to the North campus, and she has ties with Campus Saint Jean, given her francophone linguistic heritage.

Her passion of elevating the student condition has led her to serve her community as a Science Mentor, Residence Assistant, and volunteer for events such as Week of Welcome and Open House. Notably, Esther presently occupies the position of Vice President Social of the Undergraduate Psychology Association, being entrusted of advocacy by the largest departmental association of the University. She has also been involved in the planning and implementation of on-campus Governance Awareness events such as GovWeek, and initiatives such as the Mental Health Initiative Week. Through all these opportunities, she has gotten the opportunity to connect with a diverse pool of students, and deepen her understanding of student issues and preoccupations, which has now given her the confidence to run for this Executive position.

By running for Vice-President External, Esther strives to empower and support all University of Alberta students through advocacy on a greater level by making the student voice heard.

Adam Brown

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Hello and bonjour, my name is Adam Brown and I’m running to be your Vice President External! I’m a third year Bilingual Business Student who spends my time between the Faculty of Business and Campus Saint-Jean. As the current President of the Campus Saint-Jean students’ association, I have had the honour of representing students at Campus Saint-Jean and have been actively involved in student governance and advocacy. I strongly believe that a Vice President External should experience and understand the realities of students from the University’s various campuses.

Having spent more than two years involved in provincial politics and student governance, I understand the impact that government has on students. As the next provincial election approaches, it is fundamental that the Students’ Union has a representative that knows how to work with government, University administration, and community stakeholders to improve the lives of students. I have the experience, passion, and ideas to be your voice.

I’m excited to connect with as many of you as possible and earn your vote!

James Thibaudeau

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Hey Everyone!

I’m Jimmy, and I have been honoured to serve the past year as one of the Education Student’s Union Councillors. This year, I am running for VP External because I believe it’s time for the government to begin re-investing in post-secondary education. We see the issues on our campus all the time: The buildings are aging; students are constantly worried about money, and we see marginalized groups on campus pushed aside in government policy. Our university can be better, and it starts with our Students’ Union.

I want to simplify our financial assistance programs so that you don’t have to search for those resources; you just need to apply for them. More importantly, I want to shift the focus of our granting systems towards living expenses, because in University you should be focused on your studies, not on if you can afford the rent next month. I want to introduce the new idea of a city-level employment program, similar to ones at the provincial level. Edmonton is a vibrant and dynamic city, and as it continues to grow, the opportunities created should be made readily available to our skilled and knowledgeable graduates. University of Alberta students are incredibly qualified to take on the challenges of the world, and we must work hard to ensure they have every chance to do so.

Thank you for taking the time to read my bio! I hope you get the chance to check out the rest of my platform at !

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