Candidates for Vice President (External)

The Vice President (External) or 'VPX' represents students in federal, provincial, and municipal political spheres. The UASU is officially nonpartisan, engaging with government leaders, civil servants, and opposition parties to support, inform, or oppose changes related to major student issues, without taking stances for or against parties or candidates. This requires careful judgment on the part of the VPX, who works closely with the President in government and public/media relations. The VPX has some representative responsibilities within the University, typically including a seat on the Senate, which focuses on community relations. The VPX ensures UAlberta students' needs and priorities are represented in the advocacy efforts of the Edmonton Student Alliance (ESA), the Council of Alberta University Students (CAUS), and the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA). The VPX sometimes also opts to run for a position (e.g. Chair, Vice Chair, committee leadership) in the ESA, CAUS, or CASA. Working with the President, the VPX is often the UASU's spokesperson to the public and the media on student issues related to areas of government jurisdiction.

The candidates in the Winter 2024 UASU Election for Vice President External are:

Abdul Abbasi

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Hello, UAlberta Students,

My name is Abdul Abbasi, and I'm a third-year biology student at Augustana Faculty. I am excited to announce that I'm running to be your UASU VP-External.

Why am I running? Because of my passion for student governance and helping others. Throughout my three years at the university, I've witnessed program restructuring and tuition increases, among other challenges. As a result, I am determined to fight for students' rights and make a real difference. As the VPX, my primary responsibility will be to represent and advocate for all students at all government levels, particularly those marginalized and underrepresented. Being from Augustana, I understand how it feels to be underrepresented. I am committed to becoming a voice for all students, using my experience in student governance as an Augustana SU and GFC Councillor. I am well-equipped to fulfill this role and make positive changes for our community.

So, what's my plan? I will focus on affordability by advocating against tuition increases, supporting campus food bank, and advocating for financial aid. I will address sexual violence head-on and prioritize mental health like never before, and much more. You can check out my platform at abdulabbasi_vpx_su for more details. Spoiler alert: It's packed with realistic goals and strategies on how we'll make it happen.

Join the movement and vote for me, Abdul Abbasi, for VPX. Let's make a difference together! Use the hashtags #VoteAbdul4VPX and #VoteAbdul4Advocacy. Let's do this! A4 Advocacy|Affordability|Action

Logan West

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Logan West (she/they) is in her 4th year of a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Film Studies and a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. Logan is currently the Humanities Section Editor of Crossings, an Academic Director with the Organization for Arts Students and Interdisciplinary Studies (OASIS), and a volunteer for University of Alberta International (UAI).

Logan was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta and currently resides in St. Albert with her family and their dog, Bella. Through UAI and the National Student Exchange, Logan attended California State University, Northridge (CSUN) for the 2022-23 school year. During this time, Logan was able to passionately advocate for women’s health, bodily autonomy, and queer and trans rights. Upon completing archival work in collaboration with the University of Southern California, Logan was awarded a Certificate of Recognition from the City of West Hollywood, honoring their commitment to supporting the LGBTQIA+ community.

In Logan’s capacity as VP External, she hopes to secure more funding for mental health services and sexual and gender based violence prevention. Logan would also like to improve public transportation, fight for affordability, and address the needs and concerns of international students. If given the privilege and honour of advocating on behalf of her peers to all levels of government, Logan will ensure that students' voices are heard through consistent and effective consultation and collaboration. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Logan at or @loganwestforvpx on Instagram.

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